I want to send out a special welcome to Sterling More (@More_Sterling) who will be adding some unique sports commentary to Wax Cracker. Sterling has gone out of his way to pen his own introduction, in typical Sterling More fashion.  It’s a pleasure for me to share his introduction with you all on the launch night of WaxCracker.com:

Fellow Wax Crackers and people that act like they know something about sports,

I’m not a bitter man, I am however extremely sarcastic, which comes across miserable and angry – I make no apologies for that. Perhaps my more pleasant side comes forward when rooting for sports teams, I’m as dedicated, and truly a fan, of many sports, as you will find. That being said, I will always pull for the underdog when I have no skin in the game, because that will and fight to win against all odds is what makes for a hell of a story and poignant moments along the way. That is not to say, I do not appreciate a good run or dynasty if you will, because perhaps it is more difficult to stay on top than it is to hunt, but either way, all I want to see is a great game – like 2 heavyweight fighters from the old days, going 12 rounds of smash-face shear will power to survive and claim victory. I travel a lot for work, and I when I spend 6 months in a new city, I will root for the home teams, when in Rome… I even have my daughter spun up in gear from those cities I have spent a great deal of time in. So when she sports an Arizona St. Sun Devil jersey in Pittsburgh & people wonder why – it is because she too has adopted my love of all things sports. I rant and rationalize about life in my blog, but I have realized lately that life imitates sports – we all want a healthy ‘season’, want to win in every competition, and enjoy the spoils. We plan, practice, make our way through, check and adjust. And in the end, hope we can enjoy an early retirement where we can do whatever the hell we want!


Sterling More,

Check out Sterling More’s writing on his Welcome to the Fray blog at moresterling.com.

Thanks for the note, Sterling!  I look forward to going round after round with you over the next year.