Thanks for stopping by!  If you ended up here you’re probably in to one of two things if not both, sports and/or sports card collecting.  

Wax Cracker will encompass my journey of opening a pack of sports cards a day for the next year.  I plan to open anything from Bowman Sterling all the way to an old bubble gum pack from the 80’s.  If I get enough readers I may even try some of that wonderful bubble gum that turns into dust as soon as it hits the tongue.  As the days go by I will share the contents of each pack.  I will mix in some commentary on current sports events and share with you the latest news from the collecting world.  I aim to share the joy of collecting and meet fellow sports addicts through this writing experience.  I encourage you all to interact and recommend products for me to open.

I am excited that the wisecracking Sterling More (@More_Sterling) will be chiming in from time to time with sports commentary as well.  Sterling will not hold back and will thoroughly enjoying ripping into your favorite sports teams and players.  The dude rocks a special writing fedora, and when he has his writing hat on will burn any sports lover more than the aged scotch he throws back while waxing poetic. Sterling will add a nice twist to this project and I hope all will enjoy his writing.

As for me you may be wondering why I am setting out on this journey.  I have been a sports fan for as far back as I can remember and my true love is baseball.  I hosted The Sportsman talk radio show for three years while in college and I have had some sort of sports ranting outlet over the years, whether it be via Facebook, Twitter (@Sportsman_kc), etc.  I manage two highly competitive and advanced fantasy leagues known as the Sportsman Challenge, baseball and football.  I collected sports cards as a kid and left go of my love of collecting as the price of cards went through the roof and life happened.  My good friend, Scott Forbes, got me back into collecting in 2011.  On a whim, Scott gave me a call and asked if I wanted to ride to the local sports card shop with him.  After that trip the collecting bug was back and I have struggled with my addiction since. Thanks, Scott!

I would like to dedicate this project to my Uncle Bill Mitchell.  Bill wrote Brother Bill’s Corner that was published in numerous papers throughout the country.  Uncle Bill left us a few years back, but in my time of knowing him he passed down a love for writing to me.  It was amazing to see how Uncle Bill’s writing touched his readers, and I can only hope that my writing receives a fraction of what his did.  Also, a thank you goes out to my parents and sister for feeding my collecting habit when I was younger and supporting my interest and love for sports.  Last but not least, I want to thank the Sportsgal in my life, Jen Gaffney (@jengaffney), for putting up with my collecting and letting me have a corner of our living room to store my collection.

Here’s to a great New Year and a prosperous year of insert hits to you all as you crack some wax!  Cheers!

Casey L. Shaw,, @Sportsman_kc