Today is the one week mark since I launched the Wax Cracker project.  I am excited by how well my project has been received.  I appreciate anyone that has stopped by or has continued to read along.  I hope you will continue on this sports card journey with me.

To celebrate the one week point I plan to only post the pictures of today’s cards in tonight’s post.  I am going to let the cards do the talking in hope to stir up some discussion amongst those reading along.

Here are the previous tenants of today’s pack:

2014-01-06 17.48.04 2014-01-06 17.47.13 2014-01-06 17.46.45 2014-01-06 17.46.04

What do you guys think?  Good pack?  Bad pack? From here on out I plan to start using a grading scale for each pack that I open.  I will be using the YEAH/MEH/NAH scale.  YEAH for an awesome pack, MEH for a decent pack, NAH for a damn it, I got an Oil Can Boyd card…again!  Feel free to chime in if you think I graded a pack wrong.  Today’s pack was a MEH for me.  The Josh Hamilton card is different, but I’m not much of a fan of that line of inserts.  Throwbacks are nice, I just think these particular inserts look cheap.  And freakin’ a, I am already sick of getting gold Yankees cards.  Here’s to better cards tomorrow!

There is some interest building around the next box of cards I will be breaking starting on Day 25, Pack 25.  I am happy to announce that I will be breaking into some 2013 Bowman Sterling Baseball.  This next box guarantees 13 autograph hits over 6 packs.  The fireworks should really be cracking on the 25th day.  Until then, the hunt continues for a special card in the current box of 2013 Bowman.  Hang with me everyone, there has to be something good waiting ahead, this box hasn’t shown much of anything yet.

What a National Championship game last night.  As I mentioned, I picked Auburn in the upset, and it almost happened if it weren’t for some sloppy special teams play and defense late.  If you have been reading from day one you know that I am on a super cold streak with my fake money betting I do at  It’s a fun and addictive sports stock exchange, which lets you bet on the major sports after reaching a portfolio worth $500k.  Let me know if you join and I will give you some pointers.

As I continue on with the project I have been thinking about having random days when I go nuts and open 5 packs or do something to mix it up.  Do you think I should stick with a regimented pack a day or would you be interested in me going crazy every now and again with multiple packs?  Speak up and let me know you are out there.

A special thank you goes out to Patrick Fortin up in Canada for giving the Wax Cracker project a shout out to his readers today.  That’s what the sports card collecting community is all aboot:)

Until tomorrow, go crack some wax and share it with the rest of us!