I decided to open a pack of 2013 Bowman Sterling Baseball to mix it up today.  Since I am making up the rules of this project as I go, I figured today was as good a day as any to spice it up a little.  A Bowman Sterling pack is guaranteed to deliver 3 autograph hits.  It’s exciting to crack Sterling because you know there is going to be a hit.  I very much prefer that feeling over opening a pack where there is only a slight chance that you may hit…I know everyone probably feels that way, though.

I hope you all are as excited as I am to crack open the box below:

2013 Bowman Sterling Baseball
2013 Bowman Sterling Baseball

Now time to dim the lights and set the mood and crack this baby open:

Just like it would be if I traveled back in time to a card store when I was a kid.
Just like it would be if I traveled back in time to a card store when I was a kid.

There’s nothing like that new box smell.  Let’s crack the first pack open.  Please note due to the loose packing of the box I was not able to tell how the interior stacks were from the factory.  I won’t be able to tell this time around what number pack the best hit came from.

This is such a big night for the Wax Cracker project.  I consider the first 8 days of the regular Bowman packs as Spring Training and tonight is Opening Night! The lovely contents of the maiden pack of Sterling on Wax Cracker are as listed below:

2014-01-09 17.36.32
Base Card- Alex Meyer #BSP-43
2014-01-09 17.37.00
Autograph Card- Didi Gregorius #BSAR-DG
2014-01-09 17.37.21
Autograph Card- Kevin Franklin #BSAP-KF
2014-01-09 17.37.37
Tucker Neuhaus # BSAP-TN

The autograph card bubble has been popped on Day 9!  I know I forced the autographs to hit by opening a pack of Sterling, but I figured it was time to spice it up a bit.  Neuheus and Franklin I don’t know much about, but I know I have loved Didi Gregorius’ name since before last season.  What a name!  Could you imagine addressing him formerly, “Hello, Mr. Gregorius.”  I wonder if he really is gregarious?  Alex Meyer is a prospect I have had my eye on for the Twins.  I think he is a very risky prospect as far as being a super good or super bust of a player.  I hope he ends up doing well and helps the Twins rebound from last season.

So my heart rate is up, autographs were hit and slabbed, and my excitement for this project continues to build.  What did you all think of tonight’s cards?  Have you been as excited for the cracking of some Sterling as I have been or am I a complete card collecting nerd?  Sterling by far is my most favorite line of sports cards.  Leave me some comments below and let me know what your favorite line of cards is.  If I see a pattern in the responses I will buy a box of whatever response is most common for a future cracking during the project.

In the sports world today, Penn State looks to have a new head coach in James Franklin, pending a panel’s approval at PSU.  It feels weird for the Nittany Lions to be on their third coach in three years after the long reign of Joe Paterno.  I hope Franklin continues to build on the good that Bill O’Brien started to amass after all the terrible things went down in Happy Valley.  State College, University Park, Happy Valley, whatever you want to call it is close to my heart.  My family still calls that area home and I very much miss it.  I have buddies that still live in the area, and I miss being able to meet up with them on a whim to grab a beer downtown.  It’s been over a year or more since I have gotten back to visit State College.  It’s a nice little town in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania.  Gone are the days of Peachy Paterno Ice Cream from The Creamery…I wonder if the Paterno mural was covered up downtown…the Paterno statue now resides outside of the library carved in stone with his name on it….though Penn State Football will never be the same for me, I hope the program can get back to bringing joy to those that play for the team and everyone that once bled blue and white.  There’s nothing like Beaver Stadium and the tailgating on a crisp fall Saturday morning.

Until tomorrow everyone, go crack some wax!