On Day 10 I am switching back to the 2013 Bowman after a nice joyride with a pack of Bowman Sterling yesterday.  It was nice to get some autograph hits and I am looking forward to opening another pack this Thursday.  Thursdays for the next 5 weeks will become Bowman Sterling night.  Thanks go out to Patrick Fortin for suggesting Sterling Thursdays.  And for the football fans out there I am planning a week of football cards during Super Bowl week.  Now that you know some of the upcoming packs will be cracking let’s get back to today’s Bowman wax.

Below are today’s cards from left pack 9:

Base Cards Cano Prospect Cards

This pack sent me a wake up message heading into the upcoming baseball season.  The prospect card hits clued me in that I need to study up on some prospects heading into this year’s Sportsman Challenge because I didn’t know the guys in today’s pack.  I will need to pull some aces out of the hole this year to recuperate from last year’s 2nd place finish to a strong Sudden Impact team led by Tom Barry.  I’m coming for you this year, Tom, I want my championship back!

The base cards weren’t anything to get excited about today.  I was happy to get the Cano gold card, though.  It gave me a chance to celebrate Cano no longer being a Yankee.  I hope Robbie helps a rebuilding Mariners squad even though I think it will be a failed experiment.  However, props to the Mariners for making some moves, which is more than I can say for my Orioles.  Yet another lost offseason is in progress for the orange and black birds.

In the sports world the NFL playoffs return this weekend.  I am taking Seattle, Indy, San Fran, and Denver. I won’t be shocked to see Seattle and San Fran knocked off, however.  It should be a great weekend of games.  Good luck to everyone that still has a horse in the race.  Let me know what your picks are.

Does anybody have a suggestion for what box of football cards I should get for Super Bowl week?  Shout it out now if you have some recommendations.

Sir John of Von Gunten will be turning in his first wax cracking post this weekend on comic cards.  He’ll be cracking some Upper Deck Marvel Masterpieces Series 2 trading cards.  I am excited to see how he does.

Until tomorrow, continue to crack some wax and share something already:)