So far this box of 2013 Bowman Baseball has put me to sleep.  There has to be a good card hiding somewhere in this box.  I almost feel bad for starting out the Wax Cracker project with this box.  Hang in there with me, I am hoping the cards start to heat up soon.  For now, let’s get today’s cards out of the way.

Here’s how the cards fell:

2014-01-11 13.48.12 2014-01-11 13.49.16 2014-01-11 13.49.54 2014-01-11 13.50.21

The base cards were lackluster and not only would I not write home about them, I feel bad having to write about them.  The prospect cards were more prospects that I need to research further.  The gold card turned out to be a nice Starlin Castro, but it was hard to get excited about after the dud of a season he had last year.  The card that I really liked from this pack turned out to be the Kyle Zimmer Bowman Top 100 Prospects card.  I am excited for Zimmer’s debut, but as with any pitching prospect I have to keep my excitement in check.  Zimmer played for the Blue Rocks in Wilmington, DE which is not far from where I grew up. I like to keep track of the prospects that go through the minor league clubs from back home.

Even with the Zimmer card this was a MEH pack for me.  Hopefully this is just the calm before the good card storm and the flood gates are about to open.  Let’s hope that the upcoming packs for this week heat up.  I am just as excited to share some good cards with you as I am adding them to my collection.  While I am watching the NFL Playoffs this weekend I will try to add some more card pictures from my personal collection.  Stop back later today to check out the new ones I will be adding.

Enjoy the games today and go crack some wax!