Today has started off well.  It has been nice to include John’s comic book writing with my Wax Cracker project.  Along with John’s writing I talked with Sterling More last night and he should have  a post for me to share with you all soon on the NFL Playoffs.  I will have that posted this week, along with another installment from JVG.

I am getting close to the two week point of this project.  I have yet to hit a really nice card from the Bowman box, so I am hoping a change for the better starts with today’s pack.  In the future I will try to open Hobby and HTA Jumbo boxes whenever I can.  In doing so, I hope it will lead to some nicer hits to share with you guys.  Just like any collector experiences, it all depends on how much I have to spend at that time.  I hope to have a big announcement to make soon as far as who will be supplying my cards from here on out.  Stay tuned because I hope to have some good news to share with you all this week.

Today leads us to Left Pack 11, the second to last pack on the left stack.  At this point I’m predicting that a nice card will hit out of the right stack in the 4-6 pack sweet spot.  I wanted to clarify something a wrote about last week after John brought it up in one of his posts.  I think of every stack of cards fresh out of the box as having a pack 4-6 sweet spot.  JVG mentioned that I think the good packs are always in the left stack, but it is every stack that I target that 4-6 zone.  As we head into this week we’ll see what that right 4-6 zone has to offer.  Put me down as predicting an autograph instead of a relic.  With the cards falling like they have in this box so far, something good has to be hiding in the right stack.

Without further ado, here are the hits from today:

2014-01-12 12.21.29
Sparkle Card- Matt Stites #BP41
2014-01-12 12.20.59
Gold Card- Wade Miley #148
2014-01-12 12.19.23
Base Cards- Tommy Milone #118, Coco Crisp #29, Aroldis Chapman #3, & Brian McCann #47
2014-01-12 12.20.19
Bowman Chrome Prospects- Danny Muno #BCP28 & Tony Renda #BCP10 &Ericson Leonora #BP73 & Pedro Guerra #BP93

It was nice to pull the Stites Sparkle Card today.  I have had my eye on Stites, especially now that I live in San Diego.  He looks like he will be a good middle of the rotation pitcher.  So on the Stites card alone I will say this is a YEAH pack.  The prospect hits once again have me feel like I am out of the game as far as scouting.  If I am going to make a run at the Sportsman Challenge Championship again this coming season, I have plenty of homework to do.  The base sets cards were decent with the hits on McCann and Chapman, and the Gold Card was a middle of the road one with Miley.

Watching the NFL games today I was reminded that I can’t stand professional sports figures that have their own celebration dances.  I miss the days of Barry Sanders handing the ball to the ref and running off the field with class.  You can have the Cam Newtons and Colin Kaepernicks, I can’t stand them.  These guys should be made to watch the tape of their idiotic celebrations to see what fools they look like.  Find some class guys and the respect will soon follow.

Is anybody cracking some wax out there today?  Shout out if you are.