I got home from work to find a special package waiting for me in the mailbox.  My good buddy, Cory, from back in Pennsylvania sent me a surprise package with a pack of 1993 Topps Baseball Series 2 inside.  It was a great end to a rather tough work day today.  I was so surprised by the contents of the package that I have decided to open the pack tonight.

In Cory’s letter explaining the cards he mentioned that he bought this pack 21 years ago and decided to wait for a special occasion to open it.  He shared that kids back then told him he was missing out by not opening the pack.  I am honored that Cory has given me the chance to crack this vintage pack of wax, and I am even more touched that he has given the pack for my project.  I can’t imagine the self control it took for him to never open the pack all these years, and then on top of that let someone else open it.  Let it be known that even an old pack of Topps can go a long way in making someone’s day.  Thanks so much, Cory, this pack further cements my goal of continuing on with this project.

The pack includes ’15 Premium Picture Cards’ and there is a Topps Gold Card included in every pack.  My picture below probably doesn’t do it justice, but I swear they put Pete Rose’s likeness on a pitcher’s body.  Can you guys see it or am I crazy?

Donated pack from my buddy, Cory.  1993 Topps Series 2.
Donated pack from my buddy, Cory. 1993 Topps Series 2.

2014-01-13 17.03.40

It was a blast from the past getting the chance to open this pack.  Once again, thanks for the honor of letting me crack it, Cory!

Below are the contents of the pack:

2014-01-13 17.12.12
Who are these guys?
2014-01-13 17.13.25
Some of the better common cards from the pack.
2014-01-13 17.14.22
Gold Card – Danny Gladden

How fitting is it that the Gold Card in the pack was of a player with a blonde mullet?  Cory still rocks a blonde mullet to this day.  The Danny Gladden hit brought a huge smile to my face.  Just when I thought this project couldn’t get any better, an unexpected mail day has brought me great joy.

It’s amazing how much cards have changed.  Back in those days you were lucky to get a nice insert in a box of cards.  I don’t remember any boxes back then guaranteeing inserts. There were far fewer insert cards back then if you were lucky enough to get one.  Just having a gold card in each pack was huge for me back them.

What a great day to be a collector.  It’s amazing how one pack of cards can bring back so many memories of my times with a buddy that is now 3,000 miles away on another coast.  I’ve been feeling homesick lately and this simple gesture was enough to lift my spirits until I can make it home down the road.

Card collecting is fun not only for the pulls and hits, but also for the people that you meet that share your same interest.  I have had the pleasure lately of connecting with many fellow card collectors on Twitter.  My project alone has put me in touch with people I would have never talked to otherwise.  On Day 13 the power and joy of collecting were made even more evident to me.  Today was definitely a YEAH pack!

Go crack some wax and/or put a pack of cards in the mail to a friend you haven’t seen in a while:)