Today marks the two week point of my Wax Cracker project.  I can’t believe we are this far into the new year already.  I hope everyone has had a happy and enjoyable 2014 so far.  Please keep checking in on Wax Cracker, heck just make it a resolution to stop by every day.  You know you have a better chance of loading a website once a day than cutting out cussing, drinking beer, or nixing the occasional stogie, right?  Don’t let me talk you out of kicking your old habits, just pick up a healthier one and read along.

It was nice to have Sterling More check in from Pittsburgh or wherever he finds himself today.  Mr. More travels the country pretty much each and every week, so I am grateful when he takes time out of his busy schedule to pen something for my blog.  I’m going to back Sterling up and hope we see Manning take down Brady this weekend.  I’ll also take the Seahawks over the 49ers.  A Seahawks v. Broncos Super Bowl would be fun to watch, especially to see how the ticket sales would go by having two western U.S, teams face off in a frigid NYC matchup.  Super Bowl tickets are Super Bowl tickets, though, and usually sell quite well, but still the ticket sales would be interesting.

So let’s talk some cards.  Today is the bottom pack of the left stack of the first box cracked for my Wax Cracker project.  I am hoping the bottom of the barrel on the left side has something nice to offer.  Time to crack some wax!

Here are the cards from today’s pack:

2014-01-14 17.08.57
Base Cards
2014-01-14 17.09.44
Bowman Prospects
2014-01-14 17.10.14
Gold Card – Yoenis Cespedes
2014-01-14 17.10.34
Mini Chrome Prospect – Adam Morgan

I am quite happy with how this pack hit, and I’ll chalk this one up as a YEAH pack.  The base cards showed some nice hits, especially with the Strasburg.  Once again, I am a little light on the prospects.  I was super happy to get the gold Yoenis Cespedes.  I really like Cespedes because he is one of the corner stones of my Cuban Defectors team in the Sportsman Challenge.  I am hoping for him to have a huge year and really break out, fingers crossed.  To back up the Cespedes hit Bowman threw in a mini Chrome card of prospect Adam Morgan.  I consider this a great pack overall, and it is a nice way to wrap up the left stack before heading into right Pack 1 tomorrow.

I had a great baseball card collector moment again today, making that two days in a row this week.  I am looking forward to sharing today’s happening with you in a post later on in the project.  Stay tuned, as a collector this was a great experience.

Tomorrow morning I will share with you all John’s latest post on Packs 13-24 of the Upper Deck Marvel comic cards.  Check back tomorrow morning and help give JVG a warm welcome to Wax Cracker.

Have a great night, everyone!  Get to crackin’ some wax!