Despite my team not being in the mix these playoffs, I still follow like a true football fan. While the Steelers make their tee times during the Divisional Round, I stuck to my ritual of cooking…and of course…drinking. Saturday morning, just after breakfast, I loaded the crockpot with hot sausage and a homemade tomato sauce mixed with peppers, onions, and garlic, set the timer for 6 hours to be ready just before kickoff of the afternoon game. Beer fridge was stocked in the basement. I didn’t have any real underdog to root for and in the end there were no surprises. I thought the team with the best chance of an upset was New Orleans, and that didn’t happen. I couldn’t watch the entire evening game because of my disdain for the Patriots and knew that would be a run-away. Sunday was busier for me, and I didn’t have time to get my pregame on before 1 o’clock. I did not see San Fran as an underdog, Carolina had a great season, but too much inexperience and the pressure of playing at home was too great to overcome. And I thought it would be a cold day in hell before the ever pouty, always pissy Philip Rivers would beat a good Denver defense, not to mention the obvious talent on the Denver offense to keep up with.

I’m not sure what the Conference Championships will bring; San Fran continues to win on the road, while anything is also possible in the AFC. I’m not a big Jim Harbaugh fan and the Seattle fans are still wining about the 2005 Super Bowl, so I really don’t have a preference there. I absolutely hate the sore loser/cheating Patriots, so I’m riding the Broncos all the way through. What I do know for sure is I am hoping to fire up the grill for those games and get some bbq chicken going, maybe nachos for halftime. At the casa de More, we grill year round, especially for sports playoffs! So dust off your outdoor oven & get your bbq on, keep the beer on ice, and enjoy what hopes to be some good old-fashioned playoff football.

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