Right off the bat today let’s start with the cards from Right Pack 1:

2014-01-15 15.46.50 2014-01-15 15.48.28 2014-01-15 15.49.08

As a fan of the Orioles and Phillies I was happy to get the Hamels and Jones cards today.  I especially like the Gold Jones card.  What caught me by surprise was the pack hit for 7 prospect cards, 2 of which were Chrome.  I can’t remember another pack of Bowman being loaded with that many prospect cards.  I’m hoping for big things out of Giolito, Mondesi, and Polanco.  I really want Mondesi to do well since he is one of my protected prospects in the Sportsman Challenge.  I’m going to go with this being a YEAH pack based on the prospect cards and the Gold Jones.

Is anybody excited that tomorrow is Sterling Thursdays on Wax Cracker?  I will be cracking Pack 2 from the Bowman Sterling Baseball box.  I am guaranteed to hit 3 autograph cards in tomorrow’s pack.  I am excited to crack another Sterling pack.  I have a good felling about this box and I am predicting there will be some big hits.  Check back in tomorrow to see how the Sterling pack pans out.

I was super happy to see today was mail day when I got home.  When I was bidding on these cards I was trying to cook dinner at the same time.  Luckily while I was busy in the kitchen nobody put up a fight and ran me up on these.  I was pretty shocked to get them for what I did.  What would you bid for a 2013 Bowman Sterling lot ot of (2) Sano’s w/1 marked 91/150, a Purple Danish marked 11/99, and a Soler?  Beckett has yet to include the knew Sterling prices.  What do you think the lot would book for via Beckett?  What do you think of these colorful and shiny morsels that fell out of the same envelope:

2014-01-15 16.55.04
So new and shiny! Very happy to add Sano and Soler to my auto collection. I love the 2013 Bowman Sterling design.

I hope you guys start chiming in with your thoughts. Marco?

Tomorrow morning Installment 3 from John’s comic wax cracking will go live on waxcracker.com.  I hope you all are enjoying the comic side of the Wax Cracker project.

Go crack some wax and get loud up in here!