We’re down to the last stack of cards. The sketch card has to be in here, or else I’m going to be really angry. And I better be able to complete the base set with these cards as well, but that’s not a guarantee. You would think with only 90 cards the base set could be completed with one box, but never assume these card companies give a crap. So let’s see how angry I’ll be.

Pack 25: Scorpion, Hammerhead, Red Skull, Egghead, Hellcat, Ant-Man (Avengers chase set)

Pack 26: Rocket Racer, Kraven the Hunter, Mystique, Mimic, Captain America, Professor X

Pack 27: Spider-Woman, J. Jonah Jameson, Archangel, Howard the Duck, Mole Man, Quicksilver

Pack 28: Nightcrawler, Moondragon, Sentinel, Sebastian Shaw, Medusa, Ms. Marvel (Heroines chase set)

Pack 29: Vulture, Colossus, Scarlet Witch, Jean Grey, Sub-Mariner, Red Queen

Pack 30: Dr. Doom, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Daredevil, Hellstorm, Shocker

Pack 31: Sandman, Invisible Woman, Pyro, Dr. Strange, Green Goblin, Vision (Avengers chase set)

Pack 32: Shadowcat, Iceman, Captain Marvel, Thor, Dazzler, Jean Grey (Heroines chase set)

Pack 33: Nick Fury, Iron Man, Cyclops, Destiny, Bullseye, Storm

Pack 34: Shanna, Cloak, Rocket Racer, Mimic, Captain America, Captain Marvel (Sketch Card!)

Pack 35: Kraven the Hunter, Mystique, Scorpion, Professor X, Egghead, Vision (Avengers chase set)

Pack 36: Hammerhead, Red Skull, Crimson Commando, Hellcat, Mr. Fantastic, Jubilee

Packs 25-36
Packs 25-36

What do you know; I got the last two cards of the base set in the first pack! Hot damn, but you’ll also note that there are a few cards I only got two of in the entire box so it’s not unlikely that there are boxes out there missing a card. I didn’t get all the chase cards, which I predicted, but I did get most of them. Even if I had not gotten duplicates of them, I wouldn’t have been able to complete the sets. Also, I finally got the sketch card in this stack- a pretty good looking Captain Marvel by a guy named Tony Miello. A quick search shows that he’s a freelancer that’s been active for the past 10 years or so, and he does a lot of sketches and commissions for people. I meet artists like him a lot at various comic shows and they’re usually really cool people that do that sort of thing for fun and have a normal day job that isn’t in comics. He probably won’t ever make it big, but if he does I’ve got something that could be worth a good bit of money.

Chase cards 3

I also finally figured out what the big cardboard ads were for. The Fantastic Four memorabilia card is slightly thicker than all the other cards, and I thought the sketch card would be, too. When I picked up the first pack from this stack, it felt thicker than the others and I thought it would have the sketch card in it or I would luck out and get another Fantastic Four card, but it was the thick ad card instead. That makes more sense, but still kind of silly considering there were only 4 packs that had the ad in them- I could have bought all 5 of the thicker packs and had the memorabilia card anyway.

These chase cards reminded me of what was considered the ultimate chase card when I was growing up: a 3D hologram card from the 1993 Marvel Universe set depicting Spider-Man vs. Venom. This card was the only 3D hologram in that set and it was inserted into 1-in-5 boxes. A friend of mine had one and showed it to me during a sleepover in middle school and I briefly considered murdering him and stealing it. But I refrained and to this day do not own one. In doing some research for this project I found out that there were three versions of that card out there- the more common red and green ones and a rare “error” card that had a blue tint to it. I can’t remember which one he had, and it looks like they’re going for $20 or less these days so not murdering him was probably for the best.

Speaking of chase sets, the absolute weirdest chase cards I have ever come across was from a set of Punisher trading cards from 1992 called “Guts and Gunpowder”. It was a pretty solid set for being so small, but the chase cards were scratch-and-sniff. They each had a picture on it where a gun was being fired and the illustrated muzzle flashes were gunpowder scented. I have no idea who thought that would be a good idea but they smelled awful, even 15 years later when I finally smelled one.

Let’s take a look back on everything I got in this box:

Complete Set 1
Complete Set 1
Complete Set 2
Complete Set 2

Overall, it’s not a bad set. The art is okay as a whole- with some being crappy and others being very good. The chase cards are good enough, but I would have liked each of them to be brand new artwork, not just foil versions of the regular cards. I also didn’t like that the Hulk and Iron Man sets can’t be completed unless you go through a retailer. As a geek, I would have liked to see some other characters like Deadpool, Falcon, Black Widow, Iron Fist, and more included in the cards. But those gripes aside, it’s a middle-of-the-pack (pun intended) set that at least has new art and shows some effort. The backs of all the cards are completely un-noteworthy, containing just a short bio blurb, powers, and first appearance. That’s why I neglected to even mention them until now.

That’s going to wrap up this guest spot on WaxCracker.com for me, and I’d like to thank Casey for agreeing to this idea and putting up with this diversion. I’d also like to thank everyone that read along- if you want to read more from me, leave a comment. I’ve got a huge collection I could write about, and there are new and old boxes out there just waiting for someone to open up and share.