I hope you all have been as anxious as I have been to crack some 2013 Bowman Sterling tonight.  Today is the second of six Sterling Thursdays.  Each Thursday for the next few weeks I will be cracking some Sterling.  Today I am guaranteed to hit for three autograph cards.  I love this product because I know each pack is going to hit.  The fun comes in when you start wondering what kind of autographs they will be….top prospects…star players…a nobody…a player you personally collect, etc.

Let’s get to the cards, the oh so beautiful Sterling cards:

Base Card - Johnny Hellweg Rookie, Auto Cards- Patrick Kivlehan #BSAP-PK, Alen Hanson #BSAP-AH, & Nick Kingham #BSAP-NK
Base Card – Johnny Hellweg Rookie, Auto Cards- Patrick Kivlehan #BSAP-PK, Alen Hanson #BSAP-AH, & Nick Kingham #BSAP-NK

What a pack for my Pirate friends back in Pittsburgh!  Two Bucco hits in the same pack, and one is Hanson.  This might be a bland pack from some, but this is a YEAH pack for me.  I am hoping Hanson comes through for the Bucs and helps solidify their infield.  Hanson’s name keeps popping up in trade rumors, but the Pirates need to stay on course and not veer into rough waters by trading away their prospects.  They have positioned themselves well and need to ride this one out and it will pay off big time for the black and gold.

If you have never been, PNC Park in Pittsburgh it is a great stadium.  I have it ranked in the top two of my favorite ballparks.  I highly recommend eating at Atria’s, which is built into the exterior of the park.  A well known singer from my parent’s time runs the joint and he will stop by your table and tell you about his glory years as an entertainer.  I am blanking on his name right now, but it’s Johnny Something.

Ok, so I got a little off topic by traveling back to my days of living in the ‘burgh, back to the cards.  I’m going to put some research time into Kivlehan who looks to be an intriguing prospect.  If you are keeping score at home, Scott Forbes, which I know you are, you can peg this kid as a player you would refer to as “one of Casey’s guys.”  However, I love the fact that you have no idea who I will be selecting in the first round of the Sportsman Challenge 2014 Prospect Draft, Scott.

Off topic once again, but it has been one of those kind of days, TGIF is tomorrow people!  I can’t wait to watch some Full House and Family Matters…oh wait, I mean open some baseball cards and drink a beer like a big strong man.

In the sports world the Conference Championship games are this weekend in the NFL.  Put me down for a Broncos v. Seahawks Super Bowl.  I think that would be a great matchup, and I want Brady to be watching the game with the rest of us.  Warm up your Uggs and pretend to drive around in a Dodge Dart, Brady, you’ll be sitting this Super Bowl out I hope.

Let me know what you thought of today’s Sterling.  Was it worth the week long wait for me to open another pack?

Go crack some wax and drop me a response below.  It would be nice to know if anyone is out there.  Trample the crickets guys and talk up.