I have to believe a good card is about to hit from the current Bowman Retail Box.  To this point it has been rather light on nice hits.  As we get closer to the end of this box I hope the cards start to heat up.  I’m sticking with my prediction that Right Pack 4 there will be a nice hit.  Catch up with me over the weekend when Pack 4 is cracked.

I’m in a little bit of a hurry because of dinner plans tonight, so I’m going to crack this baby open now.  Below are the hits:

2014-01-17 16.49.51 2014-01-17 16.50.40 2014-01-17 16.51.06 2014-01-17 16.51.32


This was a straight up NAH pack for me.  The only card I liked was the Posey Gold Card.  I still need to find out if the code cards are expired, and if they are that further contributes to this being a NAH pack.  To furthest sink this set of cards was an A-Fraud card.  Just looking at the fake portrayed on the card makes my blood boil, let alone him being a Yankee, yuck.

I am trying to entice JVG to continue on with Wax Cracker and share some more of his love for comics.  Pretend the comment section below is a petition.  Drop a line of support and help back me up in my fight to bring JVG back for another round of comic posts.

Check back in tomorrow when I crack some more wax.  Good things are happening behind the scenes at Wax Cracker, and I am hoping so share some really big news with you all within the next week!

Crack some wax this weekend people and get out of your significant other’s hair.