Here is the bonus post I promised.  If you take the time to look through all the pictures I hope you will agree that is was worth the wait.  I went in search of finding some, but not all of the top cards from my collection last night.  I hope you all enjoy and join in a discussion on sports cards with me in the comment area below.

2014-01-18 23.15.40
Bundy’s abound, Leaf Valiant autos. I think I have a 5th one boxed up around here somewhere.
2014-01-18 23.10.35
One of my favorite cards in my collection that was given to me recently by my boss, Craig. It’s oversized on thick cardboard, almost like a coaster. I am still researching to find out more about it. Clemente is in the top 3 of my favorite players all-time.
2014-01-18 23.10.56
2014-01-18 23.17.19 Another Bundy, my lone Darvish auto, a Matt Moore, and a Felix card I am trying to figure out the value of from 2004.
2014-01-19 10.08.14
The nicest sports card products I have ever opened from the Topps Company.
2014-01-18 23.24.50
Some of the hits from the Museum Collection Box.
2014-01-18 23.30.22
Bowman Sterling hits, including a Michael Wacha. Wacha autos are super hot right now.
2014-01-18 23.34.14
Topps Tribute hits. I have a Billy Hamilton auto that came out of this box as well.
2014-01-18 23.36.25
I now have 3 Machado autographs. This one, a Bowman Platinum I believe, and a bat. The bat is my favorite piece in my colelction.
2014-01-18 23.45.22
Some of my newer rookie cards of players I like to follow.
2014-01-19 00.12.04
Jen’s cats, Calvin and Clementine, hung out with me last night during the 5 hours I spent putting together the cards for this post. From storage, to slabbing, to writing a post at 1:00 AM, they were very interested. Calvin loves when I work on baseball stuff. He is best known for accidentally drafting Michael Cuddyer in my Sportsman Challenge Draft a few years back. The pick panned out and I was quite happy with Cuddyer while I had him.  Calvin is orange and was born in Baltimore, still not quite sure why he got his name.
2014-01-18 23.47.31
Some more young guns.
2014-01-18 23.50.19
More of some of my favorite younger players.
2014-01-18 23.52.26
A few more cards I found boxed up last night.
2014-01-18 23.40.35
Blue throwbacks.
2014-01-19 10.04.04
The centerpiece is a Frank Thomas cut autograph. Thanks go out to SportsCollectorOz for pointing out it’s the Frank Thomas from the 50’s and 60’s, not the Big Hurt. He’s flanked by Hall of Famer Bobby Doerr, and three time All-Star Bill Jurges. 

What do you think?  See any cards you like or want to discuss?  Please let me know what you think of this type of post on top of my Wax Cracker project.  If you like my additional writing, I will try to make some more posts.