Boom! An Autograph Hit in Right Pack 4!
Boom! An Autograph Hit in Right Pack 4 of the 2013 Bowman Retail Box!

Sounds of a microphone being dropped to the ground are echoing through the house here.  What a way to start out the Sunday morning of NFL Conference Championship weekend!  My prediction of an autograph card hitting in the sweet spot in the Packs 4-6 range has hit, most notably in Pack 4.  As the project goes on we’ll see if another fourth pack down hits.  I almost called my blog the 4th Pack Down before settling on Wax Cracker, so I am happy to see for the maiden box of cards the fourth pack hypothesis is intact.  I can hear you all rushing to the store right now to test out my fourth pack idea:)

Danny Salazar had a nice debut with the Indians last year.  Salazar is on my short list for a break out 2014.  Pulling his autograph from a retail box is a nice hit in my book.  The Indians have some promising young talent on the fast track to Cleveland.  I’m sure you all have heard of Clint Frazier, right?

The other cards in today’s pack were:

2014-01-19 09.17.09
Base Cards
2014-01-19 09.17.55
Bowman Prospect Cards
Day 19, Pack 19
Gold Card

The Base Cards were a nice mix of stars and semi-stars.  The pack rounded out with a nice Ramirez Gold Card.  Right Pack 4 was a YEAH pack for sure, with a nice auto hit.

Bowman continues to make me feel like I am out of the prospect loop.  I am building my study list for the Sportsman Challenge based off the prospect hits from the packs I have gotten.  A league as competitive as mine is won and lost in the Prospect Draft.

Let me know if you try my fourth pack down recommendation.  I’d love to see if you guys hit on anything from the 4-6 pack sweet spot.  Do you all have any stories of what pack your best hit came from?

I haven’t forgotten about promising an extra post for today.  I stayed up to the wee hours of the morning putting together some of the nicest cards from my modern era collection.  I tried to find a nice card from every team, which I don’t think I ended up completing.  So I am going to save that idea for the future.  I decided to share with you all my only boxes of Museum Collection and Topps Tribute, two Topps products I highly recommend.  While I am watching the NFL games this afternoon I will upload my bonus post.  If you like top of the line cards, make sure to head back to this evening.

Crack some wax and I will talk with you guys this evening.