The NFL Conference Championship games are today. The Patriots match up against the Broncos in Denver and the 49ers will battle the Seahawks in Seattle.  I am prepared to see two of the better conference championship games I have ever seen.  In one game you have two of the best quarterbacks ever going head to head, and in the other you have a running back that refuses to be taken down running directly at one of the best linebacking corps in the league.  Settle in and get ready for two of the better modern era games you are going to see.  I’m pretty excited to watch today’s offering of games.


My predictions:

Patriots v. Broncos – I’m hoping Manning can overcome his all-time record against Brady and pull this one out at home.  This very well could be the last or second to last time we see Manning in a NFL uniform.  I would not be shocked if this is his last year, but then again, with the weapons he has on offense I would not be shocked to see next year be his swan song season.  I hope Manning carves the Patriots defense like a Thanksgiving turkey.  I really don’t want to see Brady have the ball with a game winning drive rapidly moving down the field.  I won’t be shocked if the game comes down to exactly that, though.

Broncos 27 Patriots 24.

49ers v. Seahawks – Centurylink Field will be rocking for this game.  These teams have played twice already this season in division games.  They should know each other’s tendencies by this point, which might ding the overall scoring a bit.  I am hoping to see Marshawn Lynch knocking over 49ers players like bowling pins.  I’m not a fan of the cocky Colin Kaepernick and I don’t want to see him in a second straight Super Bowl.  I like how Russell Wilson carries himself and you can tell he’s first and foremost a good person.  If you are looking for a sports role model for your kid, Wilson seems like a good one.

Seahawks 31 49ers 27

Let me know what your predictions are for today’s games.  Crack some wax during the game and share some ball card pictures with me.