The day after the big hit in the box kind of feels like the air rushing out of a balloon.  In a retail box like this one, I’m almost certain that another autographed card won’t hit. I’m not saying another nice card won’t find it’s way out of the last packs of this box, but it feels like Christmas morning has just passed and I am already counting the days until next year’s holiday season.

By starting the Wax Cracker project opening an entire box, it has been nice to see how the cards hit in different parts of the stacks.  However, I don’t want the days to get monotonous for my readers.  After this box is finished off over the next week, I will start mixing up the packs I open from here on out.  I hope in doing so it will pump up the intrigue a little bit and keep you all tuning in for more.

Below are the cards from today’s pack:

2014-01-20 17.10.35
Base Cards
2014-01-20 17.11.45
Bowman Prospect Cards
2014-01-20 17.12.28
Gold Card – Joey Votto

I was happy to get a Cespedes in the Base Cards and the Rondon Chrome Prospect was a nice hit as well.  Overall, the nicest card in the pack was the Gold Votto.  Even with the Votto this was a NAH pack for me.  I can’t say that I expected much more following yesterday’s hit.  I hope as these packs finish out that I hit on some nice refractor cards.

In the sports world we will see the Broncos matched up against the Seahawks for the Super Bowl in New York.  I’m really happy to not have to sit through another Tom Brady Super Bowl.  I’m looking forward to the game and I think it will be a close one.  What team are you picking to be the next Super Bowl Champion?

Don’t forget about Sterling Thursdays on Wax Cracker, when three autograph cards are guaranteed to hit.  Until tomorrow, go crack some wax!