I am just passed the three week point with my Wax Cracker project.  The site has been very well received and a lot has been happening behind the scenes over the last few weeks.  My current post will deal with the contents of today’s pack.  At 10:00 EST tonight I will make another post to share the big news I have been alluding to all day on my various social media accounts.  I hope you all are as excited to find out what the news is as I am to share it with you, the collectors and readers.

For now, let me share with you the results of today’s wax cracking:

2014-01-22 17.39.34
Base Cards
2014-01-22 17.40.10
Prospect Cards- Notice the double Chrome/Prospect Base Set, this time with the Villanuevas
2014-01-22 17.40.35
Gold – Prince Fielder
2014-01-22 17.41.02
Starburst – Ian Kinsler

I got some nice Base Cards in the Ruf and Garcia cards, along with Longoria.  I had some nice prospects hits, and again got another Salazar.  I have to point out this is at least the fourth time since Prince Fielder was traded that I opened a pack with a Fielder and Kinsler card back to back.  It’s kind of eery that this keeps happening, especially this time with the Gold Fielder and the Kinsler Starburst.  Overall, with the good news of today influencing me, mixed with the shiny new cards of this pack, this one is a YEAH, baby!

Nice hits, baby!
Credit: lapam04

Due to the big announcement in a hour, I will need to cut this post a little short.  Please drop back in an hour and share the good mojo with me.  I am super excited to let you all in on what will make Wax Cracker even more enjoyable and beneficial to you and your wallet, wink wink collectors;)