What a great day! Way before Wax Cracker launched on January 1st I started to lay the ground work for a strong foundation for this site.  I wanted my Wax Cracker project to be interactive, educational, and beneficial to my readers and fellow collectors.  I hoped through my daily musings about collecting that I would be able to share my love for the hobby and get others back in the game or to go out and buy their first pack of sports cards.  I have received multiple private messages from you all mentioning that my writing has encouraged you to go back to your parent’s house or clean out the old storage closet and get your collections out.  In that alone, I feel as though I have already accomplished a large part of my goal going into this project.  I want to thank you all for taking what has only been a three week journey with me so far, and I hope a large number of you have decided to check in for tonight’s announcement.  Here’s to at least another 49 weeks, for this project, and many more thereafter for waxcracker.com.

Without prolonging the announcement any further with my ramblings it’s now time to share the big news with you all.  I have entered into a marketing partnership with Steel City Collectibles, based out of my home state of Pennsylvania.  Steel City Collectibles, as you can guess from the title, is based out of my old stomping grounds in Pittsburgh.  Before Wax Cracker went live, I contacted Sean Bennett at Steel City after being pleased with the terrific service I received from his online shop on Black Friday.  Steel City had the lowest Black Friday prices I could find for Hobby Boxes of 2013 Topps Heritage Minor League  and numerous other products that I bought.  I expected there to be a delay in shipping due to the Christmas holidays.  There was no shipping delay, Steel City had my order on my doorstep before I even had the chance to wonder where my order was.  That’s almost unheard of if you have ever anxiously awaited mail day for your crisp new box of cards to arrive.  Based on the customer service I received I sat out to build a relationship with Steel City in hopes of being able to make something happen for me to help benefit my eventual readers.

Sean has been an absolute pleasure to work with so far, and I am excited to see where our partnership will lead.  To start out, I will soon be posting a banner for Steel City on the homepage of Wax Cracker.  Steel City Collectibles will be offering a coupon code for a discount on purchases at their site for my readers.  I am ecstatic to be able to share in some savings on sports cards and collectibles with you all.

To build further onto the budding partnership with Sean at SCC, some of my upcoming wax cracking will be brought to you by the generous Pittsburghers at Steel City.  Sean will soon be mailing some NHL trading cards packs for me to crack and share with you all.  As you guys visit Steel City’s site it will help step up the level of cards Steel City sends me to crack for your enjoyment.  So if you’re looking to buy some sports or collectible cards and/or sports collectibles, drop by Steel City’s website.  If you place an order it just may convince Sean that partnering with Wax Cracker was one of the best things he’s done recently, and maybe he’ll send some high insert hitting packs for the Wax Cracker project.  It should be a win win for everyone.

Steel City Collectibles Logo
Jen & I  at Trivia
Rockin’ the Malkin Jersey!

To show my excitement for this partnership to benefit my readers, I dug out a picture from 2012 of me rocking my Malkin jersey, shortly before Jen and I packed up for the big move to San Diego.  I had the pleasure of attending the last playoff game ever at the Igloo before I moved away from Pittsburgh in late 2010.

I hope you all are excited for the chance to save some money on your sports card purchases.  I will work with Sean over the next few days to get the coupon code live on the homepage of Wax Cracker.  Sean and I plan on working on more promotions for you guys if this one is a success.  Check out Steel City Collectibles site and tell them Casey from Wax Cracker sent you!

Let me know what you all think of the big news.  Early next week I should have some more really exciting news to share with you all.  Wax Cracker is starting to really take off.  I hope you guys are enjoying the ride.