Jen is out for a girls night tonight.  I have decided to stay in and enjoy a pizza, San Diego Craft Brews, a Batman movie marathon, and ball cards…mixed with a little bit of writing.  Chalk it up to a good night for me.

I promised an extra post and you can find the card pictures I promised below.  While I am playing bachelor tonight, I will continue to go through some of my stored cards to see what I can find.  I may just end up have an extra post for you all tomorrow as well.

Below you will find a random mix of some more of my cards.  As you will see I have become highly interested in following prospects as they move through the farm systems of their prospective teams.

2014-01-25 11.55.12
A nice mix of stars.

Above is a nice mix of the old, the current, and the next generation of stars.  Just like you all I celebrate when I get a Darvish, Harper, or Trout.

2014-01-25 11.59.56
It’s prospect season.

The rest of the pictures are a good mix of the prospects I enjoy following.  These are the more well-known ones, and it is tough to share some of the others because I want to keep my competitive edge in the Sportsman Challenge.  I know some of my fellow league members are reading along, so I can’t give too much away this close to the draft.

2014-01-25 12.00.57
Eric Haase black back card.
2014-01-25 12.01.22
Black back card.

Can any of you all tell me more about black back cards?  I know they are on the rare side, but I am hoping you guys can fill me in.  Google would be a great starting point for me to find out more, but I would rather get into a discussion with you all instead.

2014-01-25 12.02.03
Almora and Russell.
2014-01-25 12.06.16
Top prospects.
2014-01-25 12.07.42
More top prospects.

I have box after box of prospect cards.  I will be glad when I finally have a space to display my cards and everything else I have collected over the years.  As a I continue to to go through my boxes of cards I will set aside some of the nicer ones to share.  If you guys have any ingenious ideas of how to best store your cards, please share.  My challenge currently is how to combine all of my smaller boxes into better options to cut down on the space everything takes.

If you decided to stop back in to Wax Cracker tonight you picked the right night.  I will have an article to share with you all soon that has left me extremely excited.  I will have an interview with a current major league baseball player to share with you all soon.  I am excited to have him be my first player interview on Wax Cracker.  I am looking forward to sharing the article with you all.  Stay tuned and keep an eye out for this Wax Cracker special post.

Have a fun and safe Saturday night everyone!