So I thought today was the last pack of the Bowman Box.  However, it looks like I still have one pack left after this one.  So the Bowman Box dies tomorrow, I promise.

Let’s get right into today’s pack and wrap it up on the back end.  Here are the cards from today’s pack:

2014-01-27 17.19.12
Base Cards
2014-01-27 17.19.56
Prospect Cards, notice another Chrome and Base Prospect Card of the same player.
2014-01-27 17.20.26
Gold Card – Chris Davis
2014-01-27 17.20.48
Chrome Refractor – Brandon Maurer

The Base Cards didn’t wow me, and one once again in this box I got another steroid cheater in Ryan Braun.  The prospect cards hit for a Chrome and Base Prospect card of the same player.  I believe that is the fourth time that has happened in this box.  I was happy to get a Chris Davis Gold Card, and the Brandon Maurer Refractor was a nice little surprise.  Overall,  I’ll give the a MEH rating based on getting the gold and refractor cards.

I am currently working on putting the finishing touches on my interview with a current major league pitcher.  I will have it posted for you all soon.  I am really looking forward to sharing this article with you all.

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Go crack some wax!