Finally, the last pack of the 2013 Bowman Baseball Retail Box.  I apologize this post is coming so late EST time.  It has been a rather busy day here.  I have felt out of sorts this week.  This is the first January I have experienced 80+ degree weather, and this is the longest I have gone in my life without seeing snow.  I’m not sure how people move from CA to the cold areas of the mid-Atlantic.  The percentage of people that do that and stay in the cold can’t be very high.  Reverse the move from east to west coast and the number has to be through the roof.  There are a lot of transplants from back home out here.

I am pumped to finish off my article on a current New York Mets pitcher.  I won’t give any more away, but check back soon.  I am really excited to share my article on with you all as this pitcher prepares to leave for Spring Training in Florida.  If someone can send me over a large coffee I will try to have the article posted for you by sun up west coast time:)

I must say, I am glad the Bowman Box has come to an end.  I have learned my lesson and I will mix up the pack types from here on out.  However, by going through an entire box it has been a nice way to show you guys where the hits came from.  From here on I will still keep track of pack slotting for you and let you all know if I get good hits in the 4-6 pack range.  I am going to stick with my hypothesis that the 4-6 pack sweet spot exists.

Let’s crack this last pack of Bowman wide open.  Here are the last hits from this box:

2014-01-28 17.34.29
Base Cards with some nice rookies.
2014-01-28 17.35.12
Prospect Cards – Yet another Travis Shaw
2014-01-28 17.35.40
Gold – Justin Upton
2014-01-28 17.36.09
Mini Chrome Prospect – Corey Seager

Overall, this was a YEAH pack for me.  I really like the Corey Seager hit, and Justin Upton isn’t bad for a Gold Card.  I liked the Cingrani and Hoes rookie cards as well.  A portion of this rating comes from my exciting in finishing of this box.

So what did you guys think of this hits from the 24 pack of retail Bowman?  Would you like me to do a post to recap all the cards from the first box?

I am psyched to head into tomorrow’s pack.  I am going to keep it a surprise, but this will start an amazing stretch of nice packs for the Wax Cracker Project.  Tomorrow I guarantee a nice quality pack, Thursday is Sterling Thursday, and I hope to have my first shipment of packs from Steel City Collectibles by Friday.  In the Steel City shipment Sean has been nice enough to send me a pack of Bowman Sterling Football to open up on Super Bowl Sunday.  He has also included some NHL packs as well, which will make for a great transition as football season is coming to an end.  Mix that all with my interview with a current big leaguer and you have one hell of a 4th week for Wax Cracker.  I didn’t think this project would be at the point it is before even hitting the one month mark.  Thanks go out to you all for continuing to read along!  Also, thank you Sean at Steel City for believing in my project and being willing to take a chance on me.

I’m going to try to keep my eyes open and get my MLB article posted by morning.  Please check back tomorrow in the AM for my MLB article.  Until then, check out our sponsor’s website over at  Make sure to use the Wax Cracker coupon, WAXCRACKER50FF, if you purchase $50 or more.