Today I am starting with a fresh pack of 2013 Panini Extra Edition Baseball.  It was by shear chance that I ended up purchasing some packs of these cards.  I stopped by a local card shop in Clairemont, CA one night recently just because I happened to be in the area and I hadn’t been to the shop since visiting one time shortly after we moved to San Diego.

I ended up talking with the shop owner and another gentleman that was shopping for high end prospect cards.  After talking with them for a bit I asked the shop owner if he could recommend any high hitting packs that my readers may be interested in me opening.  He walked me down to an already opened box of Panini Extra Edition and said I should try it out.  The other gentleman shopping in the store mentioned he would go with them as well because he heard a lot of the cards were serial numbered.  The shop owner went on to tell me a gentleman had been in the shop earlier in the day buying one pack at a time from the freshly opened box until he ran out of money.  The box guarantees 6 autograph hits, but there are random hot boxes distributed by Panini that have 10 hits in them.  The owner told me of the numerous packs the gentleman had bought, 7 in total earlier in the day, only one autographed card was pulled.  He assured me that there had to be 5 autograph hits left in the box.  He was highly certain that it wasn’t a hot box because his reasoning led him to believe the first guy should have gotten more than one hit.  My sensory warning system went off…BEEP BEEP…IS THIS GUY JUST TRYING TO MAKE A SALE ON A SLOW WEEKNIGHT? Then my collector must consume all unopened packs of cards you gotta purchase this system kicked in…YOU GOTTA TRUST THIS GUY, THERE IS SOMETHING GOOD IN THIS BOX.  Luckily, this time was one of the right times to listen to my consume all unopened packs warning system.  I swung a deal with the owner for the remaining 13 packs.  Upon arriving home I opened all 13 packs, but still meticulously kept all the packs separated so I could later write about them.  I’ll be damned if 9 of the 13 packs didn’t hit for an autograph, relic, or die cut!  I had finally listened to my gut feeling and played a hunch and bought the right box for once.  I bought what was left of a hot box that originally contained 10 hits.  The gentleman earlier in the day bought most of the lesser packs in the box, but I don’t know what autograph he got away with.  I was so overjoyed that I called the shop owner to tell him it indeed had been a hot box.  I’m not sure if he was happy about it or not, but score this one for the Wax Cracker Project!

So tonight I bring you Pack 1 of 13, but I will not be sharing all 13 packs sequentially like I did with the Bowman Retail Box.  I’m going to mix these packs in with my soon to arrive shipment from Steel City Collectibles.  So let’s get to it, time to crack some wax!  Here are the contents from the first pack of Panini Extra Edition:

2014-01-29 18.06.41

2014-01-29 17.28.02
Marco Gonzalez Die Cut #’d 57/200.
2014-01-29 17.27.35
Base Cards – Smith, Travis, Rogers
2014-01-29 17.28.24
Nick Pratto, USA Baseball 15U National Team #’d autograph 47/199.
2014-01-29 17.28.43
And the blank thick white card, the card that gets my heart racing when I see it peaking through a semi-opened pack. These cards usually come in packs with good hits in them. Sometimes awesome packs with hits in them have fewer cards, so the thick white cards are inserted to help fill out the pack. I like to use these cards as dividers when I organize my cards.

Overall, this was a YEAH pack for me.  I am taking into account the experience in a whole as part of the rating, plus I hit an auto on the very first pack!  I haven’t bought many Panini products, but this 13 pack experience has me ready to jump from the Topps ship.

If you would like to crack some 2013 Panini Extra Edition Baseball, Sean over at Steel City Collectibles has Hobby Boxes available:  Remember to use your $5 off coupon code from Wax Cracker: WAXCRACKER50FF.  Plus, remember any order over $99 gets you free shipping.

While checking out Steel City’s site tonight I noticed Sean has posted a Super Bowl Pool Promo.  It looks like Sean is giving away some high end prizes via a Super Bowl Squares type set up if you make certain level purchases before the big game.  Spots are filling up fast, so check it out before it is too late.  Here is the link:

I hope you all enjoyed my post on Josh Edgin this morning.  That was an extra special interview for me and I was ecstatic to land it.  Once again, thanks for giving me some of your spare time, Josh!

And last but not least, don’t forget tomorrow is Bowman Sterling Thursday on Wax Cracker.  I am guaranteed to hit for 3 autographs from this pack!

So what are you guys waiting for, go crack some wax!