I’d like to welcome Patrick Fortin to Wax Cracker.  This project has helped me connect with many fellow collectors and sports fans.  Patrick was excited to crack some 2014 Topps Baseball, and I am happy to let him share his daily hits with you all.  I am looking forward to having you crack some wax alongside me, Patrick.  I hope you get some nice hits!

Here is Patrick’s first post.  I hope you guys give him a warm welcome to Wax Cracker.

Pack 1: 2014 Topps Baseball Series 1 Hobby Box

Born an innovator, a trend setter and the most original French Canadian baseball card collector ever, an incredibly original idea came to me a few days ago.  What if I could shamelessly ripp-off Casey’s idea of cracking a single pack a day and then blog about the content for all to enjoy.  The way I see it, it would be a novel idea as I do not remember someone ever claiming to set such a goal of copying the work of ol’Casey!

To innovate even more, I set out to find a way to manipulate him in such a way that he would offer me his own platform to publish my blog.  It would greatly reduce the effort needed to reach my goal of being the first man on the web to steal Casey’s idea!

The last idea was to have him change his blog name to CRACKINGWAXWITHPATRICK.COM, but I believe that is when he started to doubt that something was wrong with me!

Seriously, a big thank you to Casey for letting me ride shotgun on his blog.  For those of you who read my badly spelled tweets on Twitter, you will probably find the same kind of weak humor, the same hatred for redemption cards and the same typos in this ten-part blog serial!

So, again, if you read my Tweets, you know that I’m a more of an all stars and legends collector.  It’s a bit different from most of my Twitter friends who are more oriented toward prospection.  The current mission will be to open a single fat jumbo pack of Series 1 each and every day until the depression of an empty box start to overwhelm me.

So here we go… hoping to repeat last year’s odd breaking accomplishment and find a former Expos as my first series 1 card of the year (last year it was Endy Chavez, my only chance this year as per checklist is one of two multi-player cards featuring Bartolo Colon!

So the first card of the year is…

James Paxton

At least it’s a rookie! Let’s hope he’s the next Harper, the next Trout or the next San Diego Chicken all rolled into one awesome rookie player.

San Diego Chicken

Now these are fat packs from a jumbo box so the nice cards should be in the middle!

First thing I see from the fat pile is that a card in the middle appears to be printed on different card stock.  Turns out to be a stamped Billy Muffett card!  Always wanted to own a Billy Muffett card from the 50s!    Who’s Billy Muffett you ask?  I have no clue is my answer!

Billy Muffett

Next: say Hi! to mini die-cut Puig!  He fled his comunist die-cut country for the rights and freedom to drive over the speed limit in L.A. in his mini Die-Cut Ferrari.

4 Puig die-cut

Oh… my first color insert is a red-hot color of… drumroll please… Former Expos Bartolo Colon (with two of his non former Expos ERA leader friends).  Missed it by that much but first color insert is not enough to keep the one year streak alive!

Red hot Sanchez, Colon, Iwakuma

OK, I guess that all the buzz is about these Sparkle variations so I guess if I had one in this pack it would be, as any other variation, right with all the inserts in the middle of the pack.  Well none was found in this one!

First Power Players card of the year is World Series champ Jon Lester.  I can’t play this online game since I’m from Quebec so I’ll try to sell all of these codes for 5$ on ebay to feed my family.

Lester code card

Oh!  Here’s an Upper Class insert of Jim Abbott.  I hear he had a hand in designing this card… sorry KC!… tasteless I know… let’s move along…

Jim Abbott, one handed pitcher.

9 whiffs and a whack is how we are now greeting one of my favorite breakout pitcher from last year… Shelby Miller.   I’m almost scared to read the back of the card to learn more about the title of this The Future is Now! insert.

Shelby Miller

And that’s it for this pack… Using a slightly modified KC grading system, I would either grade this pack as a MEH! or maybe as a Rah Rah Ah Ah Ah Ro Ma Ma Gaga! pack… what do you all think?

… and I double checked this Trout card… and found no Sparkle on the cleats.

Trout Base Card
Trout close-up on cleats

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