Tis’ Super Bowl Sunday so let me begin this post with my humble prediction.  Let it be known that this clash of AFC and NFC champs will end with the Seattle fans celebrating the win with a Guiness record breaking victory roar!  Seahawks will win this one 27-24.

Now with my latest Topps Series 1 fat pack.  Upon removing the wrapper, I notice right away the same type of card stock I found in the first one in the middle of the pack.  Topps appear to be loading the product with stamped buybacks this year so I hope I’ll get someone I know.

Earlier today I celebrated my first Sparkle Variation… but unfortunately it was on this product:


Let’s hope I’ll get one Sparkle in this pack… if I’m lucky enough it would be a Cespedes Sparkle variation just so I can infinitely display it on Twitter to the envy of one Mason Vaccaro (internationally known for his MVSecretSanta campaign at the end of last year- Hi! Mace!)

Alright, lets get down to business.

Couldn’t resist going to the Buyback right away as it is messing with my perfect pile what whit this card stock from yesteryear.  Deception, another unknown player, this time from the Kansas City Athletics.  At least it gives me the chance to see the groovy vintage A’s logo that I like so much.  Wow remembering that there even was a Kansas City Athletics team gives me hope that Montreal will get a team back someday…

Hal Smith Buy Back Card

I don’t know if Hal had a nice career but I think someone should have told him that playing catcher behind third base was not the best idea!

Next one seems to be the one-a-pack Red Hot parallel.  And it’s my second of these featuring a 3-players stat-leaders showcase (not good since I’m a big fan of color variation but not with checklist type cards).  This one is featuring the three best sluggers of the AL… Chris Davis, Miguel Cabrera and Edwin Encarnacion.

Red Hot Card

I believe the Topps people heard me as the next one is another color parallel.  This time it’s my first /2014 numbered and it features a favorite player of mine, Adrian Gonzalez.


As some of you know by my Twitter rants… here comes the fun part… will it be a PFO one-of-one?  In order to be one, it has to be numbered 0076 / 2014.  My Twitter handle is PFO76 so I started collecting these specifically numbered cards last year just for fun.  So here we go…

Adrian Gonzalez card #’d 0526/2014

Completely demolished by this card not being a coveted PFO one-of-one… I flip it aside and uncover the next one…


Nice little insert to celebrate the Draft.  The Straw was drafted in 1980 and was a divisional rival of my Expos… many of his O’Pee’Chee bilingual cards were traded away in my youth for a sweet Andre Dawson or even a Hubie Brooks.

Here comes a nice Machado insert.  And there it is again… the card proclaims that The Future is Now!  I guess yesterday’s The Future is Now was lying!  Opening a pack a day and finding these will really mess with you!


And last but not least is another insert, a Tulowitzki Upper Class insert.


Ok so no auto yet after 3 packs, no relic (real or manufactured) and two unknown Buybacks!

Inspired by Casey and his freshly received wrestling cards pack from Steel City Collectibles (what are you waiting for, use the rebate code and order from them NOW!), I will step aside and let legendary grappler Andre the Giant rate this third pack with a thumbs up or a thumbs down ruling!


Oh no! Andre is giving my third pack the Thumbs Down!!!!  Who am I to argue!

By the way this is a nice and rare black bordered variation of another one of my favorite celebrity from the ’80s!  My son found it in a box of Topps WWE Heritage given to him by his awesome dad!

Ok guys, thanks for reading and enjoy Super Sunday!  Go easy on the chicken wings!