It’s Saturday morning and it’s time for your favorite guest blogger to crack a pack of cardboard gold!  Speaking of which, Sparkle variations seem to be all the rage for this year’s Series One set so I’m hoping to get my hands on one in this pack.

Oh, there you go… right on top of the pack… here is a Gold Sparkle Wil Myers variation!

Wil Myers

What?  This is not a variation?  The sparkle is from the Rays uniform you say?  Well it’s a sparkle and you won’t convince me otherwise so I’m putting it on Ebay for a crazy price and you will bid on it!

Ok seriously, tonight’s pack shows it’s color variation… from the Padres, let’s give Red Hot warm welcome to Will Venable!

Wil Venable

Let’s break from tonight’s Series 1 break (oh!… I have to work on this sentence) and let me show you what a “Red Hot” card should really look like!  Straight from Topps Redemption center, I just received this Gerritt Cole Red Hot Rookie /25 from ’13 Chrome!

Gerritt Cole Red Hot Rookie from Chrome. (BREAKING NEWS: TOPPS SENT OUT A REDEMPTION CARD, WORLD WILL END TOMORROW! – sarcasm and truth brought to you by Casey)

I found the FedEx package at my door when I came home and I’ve been looking at it ever since!  Nothing can go wrong when you’re a dad who’s giving all his attention to baseball cards right?

Son Drinking right from the Pepsi bottle while I’m looking at my brand new Cole! (Put a pack of cards in that kid’s hands! – Casey)

OK this is a blog about my Series One Crackin’ so let’s get back to what was in the middle of my fat pack…

Hyun-Jin Ryu The Future is Now

I collect 3 pitchers from ’13: Cole, Ryu and Miller… so this is an ok insert for me!  I’m still puzzled by the “The Future is Now!” subset title!  If the future is now, what the heck is Next Week supposed to be??  I’m scared!

Giancarlo Stanton

Here is a Giancarlo insert to pull me out of this neurotic haze about today somehow being the future!

And here another guy that I like a lot… Good Ol’ Schmidt and his classic “used in every set” extremely intense picture!

Mike Schmidt

This is turning out to be a pack full of legends.  Here is a nice Yogi Berra mini die-cut!


… followed by Johnny Bench on one of Topps’ ugliest insert card ever:


So no Sparkle insert, no autograph, no relic and nothing big in this pack!  Good thing I also received this cool Paco Rodriguez Sepia refractor from Chrome along with my Cole package!

Paco Rodriguez from Chrome

This guy struck out more than 30 batters in only 19 innings for the Dodgers after being called up in September so he could become a monster pitcher this year!  I am not an official fan of the Dodgers but I watch most of their weeknight games on MLB.TV, especially when Vin Scully is at the helm.  L.A. games are late here on the east coast but it’s perfect for me when the kids are asleep!

So let’s hope I’ll get something cool tomorrow…  worst case I’ll have to showcase a new redemption card from Triple Thread!  There’s no mail or FedEx deliveries on Saturday here but I have a Domonic Brown redemption waiting for me at the Fedex distribution center (weird that they didn’t leave it along with the other package… )

Thanks again to Casey for letting me ruin his blog!  You all have a nice weekend!

Oh!, almost forgot… as per the standard Casey/Snoop Dogg  grading system… tonight’s pack was a Mehzzle to the Pewzzle… but my redemption mailday cards is to be graded as The Offichizzle Shizzle!!