Sterling More photo
Like a picture of Bigfoot, this is as close as you will ever get to seeing what Sterling More looks like.

For fear of being sued, I will refer to the ‘super’ game on Sunday that the whole world will be watching as…The Bowl.  Given the litigious society in which we live, I would not put it past the NFL to come after me for trademark infringement.  I wonder if there will come a time when we won’t even be able to even speak the title?

I will be one of few people in the civilized world who will not be able to watch The Bowl, I will, unfortunately, be on a plane, with no televisions…but plenty of free scotch, & for not having TV’s, I will cost the airline in scotch what they could have paid for in TV’s!  Damn work schedule, keeping me away from The Bowl parties.  I could have flown in early, but that wasn’t conducive to my quality home time.

So, I will make my prediction now & find out if I’m right about a ½ hour after the trophy is dealt.  I’m having trouble going against Peyton and what appears to be the Broncos season of destiny to lose.  They have a solid defense & great receivers that know their routes.  No disrespect to Seattle, but I think the coaching staff on Denver is, collectively, better as well, so Broncos is my pick.  Over-under is tougher to judge, 2 good defenses, 2 offenses able to execute…hmm…at the time of posting this, MGM Mirage had 48, and I’m picking the Broncos & under.

Have fun at the biggest collective sports party and raise a shot to…oh hell, whatever you want.  I’ll actually be flying over Denver at some point in the 3rd quarter and will raise a scotch to you all, salute!  Take a cab or designate the lightweight in your group who won’t drink anyway as sober driver – be safe!