I just need to say this first, I hope it is a snowy Super Bowl. A Blizzard Bowl would be awesome, but it’s not looking likely right now.

So here are the Super Bowl predictions for us all here at Wax Cracker.  Well not all of them.  Sterling More likes to pull the ‘arrive casually late’ to the party schtick.  He very may well have his writing hat on right now pounding the keys for a surprise post for me.  If so, I’ll post it late night for you all.

Here are our predictions:

JVG Football
John von Gunten: Seahawks, 37-34.

In all fairness, this next one is for the ladies:

JVG wedding
For a good time…no seriously ladies, this guy is awesome. There’s no need for me to wing man for this guy, ladies leave your messages for John below.

And from Canada:

From the French Canadian corner, Patrick Fortin takes the Seahawks 27-24. He also just stole my prediction, haha!
Steel City Collectibles Logo
Sean from Steel City Collectibles is going with the Broncos, 34-21.

Put SportsCollectorOz down for the Broncos as well.  He’s predicting a 28-24 score in favor of Peyton Manning and the Broncos.

The Sportsgal has also put her bet down:

Jen Charleston
The Sportsgal says 20-17, Denver.

And live from SoCal where Winter doesn’t seem to exist:

I’m going Seahawks, just like I did when they lost to the Steelers in their last Super Bowl appearance. I wanted to go 27-24 like Patrick, but we have to keep this interesting. Put me down for 26-23 Seahawks. Cue the Prices is Right losing trumpet music, I just took the under on both John and Patrick.

I have to say it, we are all idiots for picking against Peyton Manning.  Either way the coin falls I will be happy.  I like Manning and the Seahawks have been my west coast team going back to the days of Sean Alexander.  I seem to stick with bird related teams.  To argue for our Seahawks picks, I look for the Seattle defense to come through, windy conditions will hurt the passing games, and did I mention it’s a Super Bowl being played outdoors in the middle of a freaking cold northeast winter, like Polar Vortex cold?

I’m going to post some of the Super Bowl Prop Bets below.  Join in and leave your predictions in the comment section below for the game and prop bets.

Here are the lines for the game:

Seattle                       2.5       (-110)                       Even   (113)             Over 47.5       (-110)

Denver                      -2.5     (-110)                       Even   (-133)             Under 47.5    (-110)

I am going out on a limb and taking Seattle +2.5, Seattle, and even though my prediction above adds up to the over, I will take the under at 47.5 down here.  Call me crazy on taking the under here, but my gut is telling me Seattle’s defense will have a big day.

Here are the prop bets (Courtesy of Athletexchange):

Times Eli Shown Live – Over 1.                       (-140)

Times Eli Shown Live – Under 1                      (100)

Seen First after KO – Erin And                         (-140)

Seen First after KO – Pam Oliver                     (100)

Peyton Throw a Pick 6 – Yes                          (400)

Peyton Throw a Pick 6 – No                          (-700)

Shortest TD – Over 1.5 Yds                           (-105)

Shortest TD – Under 1.5 Yds                         (-125)

Longest TD – Over 44.5 Yds                          (-105)

Longest TD – Under 44.5 Yds                       (-125)

Longest Made FG – Over 44.5                      (-115)

Longest Made FG – Under 44.5                    (-115)

Denver Scores Last                                      (-115)

Seattle Scores Last                                      (-115)

Denver Scores First                                     (-125)

Seattle Scores First                                     (-105)

Coin Toss – Heads                                     (-105)

Coin Toss – Tails                                        (-105)

Seen First after KO – Pete Car                  (-115)

Seen First after KO – John Fox                  (-115)

Defense or Return TD – Yes                      (155)

Defense or Return TD – No                       (-190)

National Anthem – Over 2:25                    (120)

National Anthem – Under 2:25                 (-160)

1st Penalty – Denver                                (-115)

1st Penalty – Seattle                                (-115)

1st Time Out – Denver                            (-115)

1st Time Out – Seattle                             (-115)

Safety – Yes                                            (600)

Safety – No                                             (-1000)

1st First Down – Denver                         (105)

1st First Down – Seattle                         (-135)

Last Score – TD                                     (-170)

Last Score – FG or Safety                     (140)

Total Points – 1st Half                           (110)

Total Points – 2nd Half + OT                (-140)

Overtime – Yes                                     (550)

Overtime – No                                      (-900)

First Score – TD                                    (-145)

First Score – FG or Safety                    (115)

***P.S.- I am not paying out like a Jersey mafia member on the above lines. This has been posted for your enjoyment. In an era of people winning lawsuits over spilled hot coffee, duh!, I probably need to post this message about using common sense.