As I mentioned yesterday I want this to be a big weekend on Wax Cracker.  While shopping last night I bought some more packs to further boost today’s card cracking lineup.  I’m going to post the cards from the extra packs from last night in this post.  A few hours before kickoff I will be cracking the Bowman Sterling Football from Steel City Collectibles.

However, as I am trying to write this post I am facing an enormous distraction from what my cat loving girlfriend is watching.  It will probably be best if I just explain through a picture:

Kitty Bowl 2014
Seriously, how do I write under these conditions? An excessive cuteness penalty was just called on Meowshawn Lynch! Terrible call ref!

As I am trying to get back to sharing my first post of the day with you all I am reminded that another huge matchup is on at 3:00 EST:

Puppy Bowl 2014
Puppy Bowl 2014, where making it rain takes on a whole different meaning.

Ok, back to my post. Wait, what now?  There’s a halftime performance I can’t miss?  What past their prime band or singer is it? Well this performance might actually be better than Bruno Mars:

Keyboard Cat
Keyboard Cat will be performing at Halftime of the Kitty Bowl.

I just learned that I need to password protect my computer.  I’m going to blame the beginning part of this post on Jen sneaking on to my computer while I was out of the room.  Let’s get this post back on track.

While out shopping for everything needed for our Super Bowl Party for two today, I grabbed some 2013 Topps Magic Football as I headed through the checkout lane.  I got one of the three pack + an extra insert pack “value packs.”  I picked up two baseball blaster boxes as well that I will share with you all soon.

Here is what hit from the Magic packs:

2014-02-01 22.25.39
2013 Topps Magic Football Value Pack
2014-02-02 08.59.17
I hope getting the Russell Wilson in the first pack is an omen that I picked the right team today.
2014-02-02 08.58.17
Getting the Trent Richardson card reminded me that the Cleveland Browns actually made the right move for once by pushing him off on the Colts.
2014-02-02 08.57.36
More base cards with a nice Jordy Nelson.
2014-02-02 08.55.50
Mini inserts. I really like the Eric Dickerson card.
2014-02-02 08.55.03
Oh no, an orange mini insert hit on a Demaryious Thomas. Did I make the wrong pick in the Super Bowl? Probably so, haha.

Overall, I would call these packs far from anything of value.  The cards were nice, but nothing special.  I would not recommend the value packs at $9.49/3 pack at least.  Maybe I just chose the wrong pack from the shelf, but this was a NAH rating for me.

Ok, so it’s a big day here.  I need to get the food ready.  We’re going with pulled pork sandwiches and putting in a last minute order for wings in true ‘merican style.  What’s the over/under on how many chickens died for today’s Super Bowl parties?

Until I post the Sterling Football hits, go crack some wax and share your hits with me!  Have a great time watching the game today, everyone.