What a terribly boring Super Bowl yesterday.  I predicted Seattle would win because of their defense, but I came nowhere near predicting the stank that Denver put up.  Denver never recovered from the safety 12 seconds in.  I bet the outcome of the game would have been closer had the Broncos not gotten off on the wrong foot like that.

It’s worth a mention of how stupid Floyd Mayweather is, and yes stupid because he lost his $10.4 million bet on the Broncos and was willing to bet that much.  I was waiting to hear the crazy bet he would put down, and most would have made the same bet of picking the Broncos had they put money on the game as well.  I felt bad because I lost a lot of my fake money prop bets.  I can’t imagine what a $10.4 million loss would feel like.  He might soon be the charity case Manny Pacquiao wanted him to fight for by forfeiting his purse for charity.

On to better news.  Today I am cracking another pack of 2013 Panini Extra Edition from the lot that I bought at a local card shop recently.  For the beginning part of the story on these packs please refer to Day 29’s post.  I must say, I really like this line of Panini.  Other than a few packs of Panini Prizm, this is as far as I have ever explored into their lines.

Here is how the cookie crumbled today:

2014-02-03 18.15.53
I think this is my first Jose Abreu.
2014-02-03 18.16.29
Colby Suggs, Die Cut Serial #’d 14/100
2014-02-03 18.17.11
#’d 14/100

This was a YEAH pack Monday for me.  I would highly recommend this product if you like die cuts, serial numbered, relics, and autographs.  A blaster box at your local big box store will run you $29.99 or by Hobby Box at Steel City for $90.00.  Check it out, I highly recommend it if you can survive without seeing the MLB team logos.

I talked with JVG today and he mentioned he just found a large box of comic cards that he is currently going through.  I am excited because this means another post from John is on the horizon.

I will revisit my Super Bowl Prop Bets one night this week.  How did you all make out with your Super Bowl squares and or bets?

Have a great week everyone and please check back in tomorrow.  Now, go crack some wax!