Pack 5 is now unwrapped!

The one-a-pack (so far) red hot parallel is peeling at me and Texas Rangers will recognize Rangers’ first baseman Mitch Moreland.


The Rangers are another team that I like to watch along with the Pirates, the Dodgers and the Angels on and I will try not to miss a Yu Darvish start next season.  I have no favorite team but I like to switch my allegiance.  I also like any team that is going against the dreaded Nationals (take a wild guess why!)

Second color parallel of the pack is a gold of /2014 and it might give us a chance at the Ellusive PFO one-of-one… Lonnie Chisenhall running bases in his high school janitor suit!


Let’s take a look at the back to see if the limited # ends with 76…


And here comes the autographed card of the jumbo box.  Yes people, it is worth around 3 whole bucks on the EBayz… White Sox third baseman (don’t be fooled by his Diamondbacks disguise!) Matt Davidson.  These are very common autographs from the Trajectory subset.


Oh well!  These are not the boxes you buy for big autos!

The next one is a very nice looking orange Machado mini die-cut.


Also to watch for in these packs, the Power Players code cards.  This one is showing Matt Adams from the Cards.


The Upper Class insert is back in this pack with the almighty Mike Trout.


… and the golden boy from the dreaded Nats named Bryce.


So this is it for this pack folks!  The auto has been hit so we are still looking for two other hits (patches, manufactured relics or game worn relics).  Let’s hope for a nice Silk card!

It’s hard to rate this pack, but since the hit came for a below average prospect… I’m going to rate this pack as exciting as a dirty White Sox… sorry Mr. Davidson!



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