I just want to start out by letting the following cards do they talking:

2014-02-05 17.27.25
Red Pulsar Prizm

I let the light reflect off of the Kawasaki to show how brilliant the coloration is on each card.  I would like to see Panini make regular packs of these in blue.  This insert pack was included in the Panini Prizm value pack that I opened for last night’s post.  It was nice to see an Adam Jones peeking through the clear cellophane at me before I opened the pack.

These cards are further solidifying my interest in Panini products.  I guess the real test will come when I see how long it takes them to send me the redemptions I turned in recently.  If they beat Topps’ current record of two years and counting they just may have a new dedicated customer.  I am still waiting on a Felix Hernandez autograph card from Topps Redemptions.  At this point, I hate redemptions and I wish companies would put an end to them.  They take all of the fun out of collecting when you have to wait so long to get the cards that you almost forget you got them in the first place.

Do you all have any horror stories about waiting on redemptions that never came?  I have seen on Twitter there seems to be a growing group of redemption haters, most understandably.

I am starting to plan out what boxes I want to order from Steel City Collectibles.  You all know I love big hits on autographs, serial numbered, and relics.  Do you have any suggestions on what I should get?

Until tomorrow, go crack some wax! And by the way, I am still waiting on someone to share some of their hits with me.  Share away and I will post some of your cards.  You never know, you may be able to find a buyer through the Wax Cracker community and not have to pay a listing fee or percentage!