*Check back soon for pictures of Patrick’s Day 6 hits.  We’re experiencing a little technical difficulty with the pictures.  To get to Day 6 before only a slight glitch while working across international borders between two guys that have never met I am happy. I’ll take 5 straight days with no problems in a heartbeat!

Until I get the pictures enjoy the one below that best portrays Patrick and I:

T an P
Terrance & Phillip…I mean Patrick & I


Another day, another fat pack!

I am now midway through the box and so far the box has not been spectacular, even with the autograph out from last pack. I’m still hoping for a Sparkle variation, a Strata card, a clear parallel or even a PFO one-of-one!

The red hot from the sixth pack is a checklist card featuring Miguel Cabrera.


A nice colored surprise is this Black Parallel /63 of Jayson Werth. This is going to go to the Jayson Werth wing of my collection: I do not go out of my way to collect the veteran but I seem to always find a low numbered card of the guy (along with Cole Hamels and Brandon Phillips).


Being a huge Topps Mars Attack fan, I can’t help but think that good ol’ Jayson is pointing at the incoming invasion!


A third color parallel is this CJ Wilson gold /2014. And it was close folks… I missed the true 0076/2014 by only 10!


And we close the review with three inserts, Wheeler, Boggs and Trout.



For a series one pack, I’m always happy to hit a black insert. So I’ll rate this one with the color black! I don’t know what it truly means but that is the rating I’m going with! 🙂

Pack 6 is in the books… The last four packs should reveal two relic or manufactured hits!
Come back tomorrow for another fat one from the jumbo well of cardboard clippings!

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