Time for me to open pack 7 of my Topps Series 1 jumbo box.  Again, i usually buy these along with Series 2 and Update just to own the entire set of cards.  They will sell the set in a nice long box for less than the cost of this box but you do not get as many fun colored parallels.  I don’t expect a big hit but the thrill of possibly hitting a nice Strata card, a Clear parallel, a silk version or a big auto is still there.

As an exemple, the nice black Werth hit yesterday is not worth a fortune, but I’m a big fan of color variations and the lower they are numbered, the nicer.

Speaking of Werth, I wanted to showcase one of last year’s nicest non autograph card I hit, it’s from the Gypsy Queen subset of Hometown Currency and it shows a cool Illinois coin inserted right in the player’s base card design.



Here’s a closeup of the coin… I did my best with the lighting.


I also showcased a redemption card just received from Topps.  Just like Casey, I am not a big fan of redemption cards but Topps seem to be improving.  I am still waiting on cards from two years ago but I’ve received a half dozen redemption cards from them in the last four months.

This one is from A Triple Threads box and is an Emerald version of Domonic Brown’s relic card.


I really like how the Phillies logo overlaps the jersey relic.  It’s a nice creative way to setup an otherwise regular relic.  Kudos to Topps’ design team.

OK enough with the random cards… a manufactured relic was hit from my Series 1 jumbo box, it is numbered 37 of 99 and it’s from Twins legend Rod Carew (not jersey numbered as his was 29).


It is a nice heavy card, but it’s still a gimmick.  I have a few of these manufactured commemorative trophies from last year’s boxes.  My favorite is still from 2013 Series 1 and features Mike Schmidt (I’ll show it in the next post along with tomorrow’s pack).

Along with the Carew, today’s pack revealed a Cliff Pennington red hot foil.


A Trouty Future is now…


and an insert from one of my favorite pitcher, Yu Darvish.


Three more packs to go… manufactured card is out so I don’t think I’ll fin a silk card.  I think I still have chances for a Strata as the next hit should showcase a jersey or a patch.

Once I’m done with this box, I might have fun with a Panini Titanium Hockey tin can.  I can grab one for cheap so it could be fun to chase one of the rookie from the double-rookie class.

I hope you’ll be back tomorrow (if not for my posts, at least for the better-written ones from Terrance!… or is it Casey…?)