How did you guys let me forget it was Sterling Thursday last night?  It has been a long week here, so I apologize for my mental lapse.  I am going to crack the Sterling open tonight to make up for me missing it last night.  The old saying ‘It was worth the wait’ most definitely is an apt description of tonight’s hits.  Without keeping you from the Sterling hits any longer, here’s how the cards panned out tonight, and I am absolutely psyched!

2014-02-07 17.36.40
Andrew Knapp Auto #’d 69/125, almost a /76 for Patrick.
2014-02-07 17.36.58
Hunter Green Auto

And to follow this hit up, BOOM! my first Carlos Correa!!!

2014-02-07 17.37.16
A Carlos Correa, my first autograph from him! Correa is one of my favorite young prospects and he is on my Cuban Defector list of rostered prospects in my Sportsman Challenge League. I am really excited to add this card to my collection!
2014-02-07 17.37.38
Mason Williams #’d 9/199.

I consider this one of the best packs I have ever opened. That’s how excited I am about hitting the Correa Auto Card.  Chalk this up as a SUPER YEAH pack.  Since I am so excited for my first Correa John Hancock, I want to see your Correa hits.  Please share away!

I am going to cut this article a little short.  I want to put together a longer post for tomorrow, so I want to spend some time putting it together tonight.  But before I go, I feel the story below needs shared.  The following figure is a criminal.  Stand back, this development might shatter every good thing you believed in as a child.  I am serious, don’t let your kids seeing the following picture and story that goes with it.  Ok, here it goes, prepare to be saddened and shocked.  This is now what a criminal looks like:

McGruff took a bite out of himself. 1,000 pot plants, a bazooka, and 9,000 rounds of ammunition were found under that trench coat!

Here is the sad McGruff story:

What’s next, the following favorite from my childhood gets caught for setting forest fires?

Only you can set forest fires???

As a tear drops in my beer, I wish you a happy wax cracking for tonight!  Stop by tomorrow for a longer than normal post.