2014 Topps Series 1 pack #7 delivered a nice Rod Carew rookie Cup (see yesterday’s post).  While storing it away along with my other manufactured “Trophy” cards (I seem to fall on one in every Topps flagship box), I noticed that another wing of my card museum will have to be inaugurated… that’s right, the Rod Carew Manufactured Rookie Trophy Memorial will have to be build in my card room as it is my second one!  I fell on the other one in a box of Topps Series 2 last year.  It appears that Topps are really high on remembering Rod’s rookie year and passing it along to me!
Not one but two Carew Rookie Trophies!
Not one but two Carew Rookie Trophies!
I really have to call it a “Memorial” as I did not even remember having the first one!  It also has the exact same picture.
Another streak to keep alive for next year!  Maybe I’ll get a “Rookie Manufactured Glove” from Rod Carew!
Ok, now to Pack 8!  Only three to go and today’s pack will not be an historic one.  Nice names, but just inserts and unnumbered color parallels.
image_1 image_2 image_3 image_4 image_5 image_6
I will also have to find what to do with these Power Players code cards, I cannot even play the game here in Quebec! 
Like I wrote earlier, nice inserts but to be honest, the box is getting kind of boring “hit-wise” but I’m still getting Series 2 and Update because that’s the flagship card and I still like to have the entire collection.  I’m hoping for a big relic card… but I think that the Strata are eliminated since they probably count as the autographed hit!
As Casey mentioned in an earlier post, we’re getting ready for a big One-Week-Fantasy-Hockey-Based-On-Cards-Dradted-From-A-Box-Challenge (wow, I really need to work on a name!).  I’m still undecided on what product we are going to use, so if you have any suggestion, let me know.  The “one-pack-a-day” (there I go again) draft will be chronicled… where else… on waxcracker.com
The relic card should be hit this weekend so come back and see who will be the player to be imortalized in the “relic” wing of my collection!
Peace and Hair Grease (but not on one of my cards!!!).
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