Panini Extra Edition has given me an autograph pack after pack so far.  I am really glad the product was recommended to me recently.  I have to admit, the lack of being able to use MLB logos and team names kept me away from trying Panini.  After getting frustrated with Topps, for multiple reasons, I decided to give Panini a try.  I am having no regrets and I’m really enjoying the Panini product lines so far.  I have only tried Elite Edition and Prizm so far, but I am looking forward to seeing what else their products have to offer.

I haven’t forgotten that I promised a long post for today.  I have decided to do my normal cracking and throw in a separate post to celebrate the start of the Winter Olympics.  My second post of the day will showcase 4 packs of NHL cards that will be brought to you by Steel City Collectibles.  Have you guys used the Steel City Wax Cracker Discount Code, WAXCRACKER5OFF, yet?

Sean included some hockey cards in the first batch he sent me.  To build on the Olympic theme, Patrick will be sharing his fantasy hockey card competition with us all soon.  I hope you all are enjoying the extras I am starting to add to Wax Cracker.  As time goes by I am hoping to offer a lot more, but for now I plan to keep taking it one step at a time.

Time to crack some wax to get this day started.  Here are the hits from today’s pack of Elite Extra Edition:

2014-02-08 15.45.43
Base Cards
2014-02-08 15.46.21
Hunter Renfroe. I am looking forward to watching him progress through the Padres system.

Today was Padres Fanfest at Petco Park.  I really wanted to go down for the festivities and catch up with everyone from the Friarhood, but due to a busy week I didn’t get time to get my collection in line to get autographs.  I wish I could have made it today, but I am planning  on making sure I am there next year.  It looks like the Padres had a great turnout today.  And while I am mentioning San Diego’s ball club, put Petco Park on your list of fields to visit.  I really enjoy taking in games at this park.  I won’t go too far into it now since I want to do a feature on Petco soon, but make sure you put this place on your travel itinerary.  Maybe my pictures below will entice you to visit:

2013-08-16 18.00.47
View of Petco from the Altitude Rooftop Bar.
2013-11-09 11.22.12
My view from the Press Box during a recent trip to Petco.

I have plenty more pictures of the park that I will share when I upload my feature on Petco before the season starts.

Now back to the cards:

2014-02-08 15.46.52
Akeem Bostick Auto #’d 554/674

My favorite number is 11, so I am loving this card.  Can someone help me understand why a lot of serial number cards are numbered up to what seems to be random numbers?  In this case this card is numbered up to 674.  If you have an answer please post it for us all below.

2014-02-08 15.47.18
Note 5 cards per pack.

Do yo guys notice anything that is off about this pack?  I shared 6 cards with you above, however the pack was only supposed to have 5 cards.  Panini accidentally gave me an extra card.  I’ll take it, but I’m wondering if the auto card was put in this pack by accident.

That’s it for today’s pack.  I will give this pack a SEMI YEAH based on the extra card and auto hit.

How are you guys liking the Olympics so far?  I am looking forward to the bobsled and luge events.  I also like the moguls and cross country skiing when they use the air riffles.  What events are you all looking forward to?

Time for me to sign off and work on the Steel City Special post for this evening.  Check back in a few hours to see the hits from 4 NHL packs!