Alright folks, Pack 9 is cracked open and belly of the fat pack is gutted on my pool table!

Again, I will start with huge congratulations to Casey for that awesome Correa Sterling auto!  I can’t wait for him to play in the bigs (Correa, not Casey!)

First card to jump out of the middle of my fat pack is a red hot Jonathan Lucroy from the Brewmasters.


Second one will be the final hit of my box… I was a little bit surprised to find a bat relic.  I think it’s my first wooden relic from a Topps flagship “Series” box.


This card got me thinking about the sports cards community on Twitter and how curiously devoid of Yankee fans it is.  I might think of one Jeter collector who’s active on my Twitter list but I never seem to read about the Yanks.  I see a lot of fans from California (Angels, Dodgers, A’s and Giants), a lot of Texas and Houston fans and many Philly and Tigers fans but rarely do I see a Yankee fan talking about his pinstriped cards.  I even can name a dozen of my Tiwtter friends who are collecting Mets cards… Is it me or Yankee fans are underrepresented on the “Twitters”?

Back to the bat relic, I honestly don’t know why these are still inserted, they are duller than a simple jersey relic and even these are worth less and less.

This “hit” is followed by two inserts: including a second Segura Future is Now insert in the same box.

image_2 image_3

That’s it for pack 9 from outer space!

I’ll leave you with two great hits from my friend and colleague Jean-Patric (@masterjeap on Twitter) who bought a box of Bowman Platinum this week and who’s breaking a few packs a night.  I’m envious of his nice Puig die-cut and of this Kolten Wong auto (yes, the guy that was picked-off at first to end the game in the World Series, but still a nice rookie -or still a prospect as of the Platinum release-).

image_5 image_4


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