To get in the Olympic spirit I grabbed a Blaster Box of 2014 Topps Olympic & Paralympic Team & Hopefuls last night.

2014-02-09 18.42.52
Some of these athletes I know, but the others you all will have to fill me in on who they are.

I just heard Bode Miller didn’t medal today in the Downhill.  It seems like that happens every time for him.  He does well in the Olympic warm-ups, qualifies well at the Olympics, and then does the unmentionable act in bed when it’s showtime.  Please don’t think I am judging, I can’t even ski.  However, under the Olympic lights he disappears when it’s put up or shut up time for the most part.  I do realize he has medaled before, and that he skis on some crazy slopes.

As you can tell, writing about Olympic sports isn’t my strong point.  As I go through this Blaster Box over the next two weeks I hope to step up my game when it comes to analyzing these cards.  As for my grading on this pack I will give it a MEH rating…and that is based strictly on not knowing much about these athletes.

What has been your favorite Olympic event so far?  Are you even watching the games?

Until tomorrow, go crack some wax for me!