As I’m writing this, the Topps Series 1 jumbo box is empty and the last pack has been gutted!


It’s time to get the blues as I no longer have a pack to open today (full disclosure, since day 5 my reviews have been submitted with a healthy one day delay and the last one was opened last night).

The Cabrera mini is a nice catch.


The last red hot foil of my box is one of Juan Nicasio from the Rockies:


I get a nice Shelby Miller insert.  This is one guy I will follow this year on my beloved subsciption (along with Darvish from the Rangers, Price from the Rays, Cole for the Pirates and Ryu from the Dodgers).


A nice Albert Belle insert is also found.


The gold parallel of Altuve is a nice one.


For those who have followed my nine previous posts, you all know that I’m chasing the elusive PFO one of one!  Well… I missed it by a single digit!

How nice would it have been to end with one! The card has to be serial numbered and ending with -76 and this one ends with…


(pic of the -77 ending gold serial)

It’s always fun to open this Topps flagship product.  I wish they would replace the jersey or bat relics with low numbered cards (even unsigned, they are worth more than lowly plain relics), that would add more value to the box.

There is so many things Topps could do but at the end of the day, I truly believe that being the exclusive MLB liscence has made them lazy.  I wish we could find “game used” autographed gum wrapper relic cards, rally cap relics from great comeback games or other crazy things like this.

I want to thank the Cal Ripken, Jr. of sports cards, Casey, for letting me put my badly spelled posts on his blog.  I hope you can all read these words and hear my French Canadian accent!

I will be back soon this week with details concerning my next one-a-day adventure… and yes this time it will showcase hockey cards!

You can follow me on Twitter as I will soon do something with my Power Players codes!

Peace everyone and keep showcasing your hits!  I can honestly say that id you’re showing on Twitter, I’m looking at ’em and dying of envy each and every night! 🙂