I can’t believe I have went through a whole box of 2013 Bowman Sterling Baseball for the Wax Cracker Project already.  I have gotten some great hits from the box and my anxiousness has been building throughout the day to crack this last pack.

I am currently looking through Steel City Collectibles website as I prepare to order my supplies for the next few months of wax cracking.  Speak now or forever hold your peace if you have any products to recommend for the cracking!

Without further ado, here are the bright and shiny hits from the last pack of Sterling:

2014-02-13 17.59.08
Rafael DePaula #’d 117/150 Autograph
2014-02-13 17.59.27
2014-02-13 17.59.44
Courtney Hawkins Base Card. This guy has hits for a ton of power, if and when he makes contact.
2014-02-13 18.00.04
J.J. Mazzilli, son of former Orioles skipper Lee Mazzilli, who at the time was made out to be the Savior of the Orioles just because he came over from the Yankees coaching staff. Angelos pretty much rode him out of baseball.
2014-02-13 18.00.21
And the Bazinga! hit of the night is this awesome Archie Bradley Auto!

I’ll give this a YEAH rating because of the Bradley hit and the #’d DePaula hit.

So that’s it for the Sterling Box.  It has been a fun ride of expensive cards.  Now it’s time to go back to the more affordable, but almost as enjoyable other product lines. How do you guys think I did?  I’m pretty happy with all the big name prospect autos I ended up with.

I plan on posting a cumulative article on the entire box soon.  I will hit on card quality and if Sterling is worth the hefty price tag.

Until tomorrow, go crack some wax!