…or you’re single and in which case go crack some wax!  Happy Hallmark Day, everyone! Did your sweethearts buy you a box of cards today?  If so, congrats, you caught yourself a keeper.  She’s even more of a keeper if she bought the right brand and line of cards.

I fell back into an old habit and cracked some 2013 Panini Extra Edition.  I will make it up to you guys soon with some fresh products.  Below you will find tonight’s hits:

2014-02-14 19.38.58 2014-02-14 19.39.18

2014-02-14 19.39.45
DJ Roberts Uniform Relic

In celebration of the day I’m going to head out and leave the cards do the talking tonight.  I will be back on the horse with renewed ambition starting with tomorrow’s post.  Have a great night, everyone!