2014-02-15 13.13.45
2013 Absolute Football Blaster Box

There’s nothing better than lining out multiple packs to crack.  I don’t know what it is about sports cards, especially baseball, that gives me such a rush.  Is it the possibility to hit a special card, pull a favorite player, or is it the connection to my love of sports as a kid?  I could argue all three and many more points.  Why do you all crack wax?

Absolute Football
The Starting Lineup

What a beautiful lineup of packs.  It’s amazing that something as simple as cardboard can bring me such joy.  Sports cards, video poker, pinball, a good beer whether cheap or expensive, food, and an occasional fresh rolled cigar.  Those are the things that I have come to realize make me tick.  The Wax Cracker Project has helped me embrace, even though I probably have already known, that the aforementioned things bring me happiness.  Any of these things can help me feel better and relax when I am feeling down.

2014-02-15 13.14.59
This trio would be fun to watch take the field together.

I really like the photos on these cards.  MIxing it up and running the names through the middle of the cards is unique as well.  Panini did a great job with the design of this line and it is leaving me wonder if they have a baseball line that looks like these.  Let me know if you have the answer if they do.

2014-02-15 13.15.43
There’s a lot of power represented across these three cards.

Panini definitely has loaded this pack with some good players.  It’s nice to know all of the players in a pack for once.  Fred Jackson, along with an injury riddled year for C.J. Spiller, almost cost me a fantasy football championship this year.  Jackson played the role of a super TD hawk this year for the Bills.

2014-02-15 13.16.37
Jones has shown he can win you some fantasy games. Kenny Britt is one player whose star should have shinned bright, but off the field issues have knocked the shimmer off this player.

To round out the pack, the four cards above weren’t too bad.  Jones has been a scoring machine and Britt has the ability to do the same if he could just keep his head on straight.

2014-02-15 13.17.13
It’s too late for me to be a kid reporter at the Super Bowl.

I got this blister box too late.  Now I will never know if I could have been the kid reporter at the Super Bowl.

I noticed this week that I have blisters on all of my fingertips.  I don’t know if it’s from all the wax cracking or the typing of my posts.  I am thinking it could be from both.  No wise cracks here guys, haha!  Noticing the blisters left me thinking of Stewie playing the banjo in a Family Guy episode:

“I’ve got blisters on me fingas!”

Tonight I will be working on updating the league constitution changes for my Sportsman Challenge Baseball League.  I have had numerous owners write asking me to launch the league now that ESPN has opened up play.  If any league members are reading, please be patient and I will have it up soon.  I want to make all the changes we voted on before opening up the 2014 season.  If I open it up now it will be complete chaos without the voted on changes being in place.  I have some surprise changes for everyone, and as always, you will have to trust me when I turn into a fantasy league made scientist.  I am sure you all will enjoy the rule updates, and I believe they will make our competition even more enjoyable.

Let me know what you guys are cracking this weekend.  I’m going to put my Steel City Collectibles order in tonight and you should too!  Take advantage of the $5 off $50 purchase at Steel City by using the WAXCRACKER5OFF coupon code.