As I prepare for my Steel City Collectibles order, and yes I am still trying to decide what to order, I will be cracking another pack of 2013 Panini Elite Extra Edition.  I have quite a few of these packs left, so I want to crack some of them out of the way in advance of getting another order in.

My lovely Droid phone will not let me upload my pictures of tonight’s cards at the moment.  When it gets below a certain charge it refuses to upload until it gets to a decent level.  As my phone juices up harder than A-Fraud, I will type away until I can add the photos.

My Orioles finally made a signing via free agency today.  They signed Ubaldo Jimenez to a 4 year/40 million dollar deal.  I think this will end up being a horrendous move, but my Twitter followers are telling me to keep an open mind since he’s a ground ball pitcher.  With that being said, I still don’t like Jimenez pitching at Camden Yards.  I finally got my free agent signing, but still little was done to improve the team.  Is it a coincidence that a day after I went on an Angelos tirade that the Orioles made a move?  I think not;)

My Droid is now ready to cooperate.  Below are tonight’s hits from the Elite Extra Edition Pack:

2014-02-17 18.16.01 I hit for a Tim Atherton 24 point autographed redemption card.  Now it’s time to see if Panini’s redemption program is any better than the absolutely terrible Topps redemption system.  Have you all had good experiences with Panini redemptions?  Please post your stories below.2014-02-17 18.16.33


I think this is the first redemption card I hit for during the Wax Cracker Project.  Have you all hit for any good redemptions recently?  What’s the best redemption you’ve hit for?

It’s time for me to do some organizing of my cards tonight.  Check back in tomorrow when I crack some more wax!