I promised some of the wall packs for today in my post last night.  I almost walked by today’s bonus packs in the store without noticing them.  Thanks to a store that sells retro memorabilia, I was able to grab some bubble gum packs of Gremlins 2 and Robocop cards from the early 90’s.

To start out I will crack today’s pack, 1991 Series I NFL Pro Set.  It looks like the NFL had these printed on their own.  I remember Pro Set from years ago.  Does anyone know if a company produced these for the NFL?  The copyright on the pack says 1991 National Football League.

2014-02-21 16.42.45
1991 NFL Pro Set

Let’s see what is in this pack:

2014-02-21 16.44.21
This one is for you, Scott Powers, a Christian Okoye hit!

I pulled some good players from this pack and some of the names transported me back to my childhood. I was psyched to get a Christian Okoye card. Okoye should be in the Tecmo Hall of Fame! I hope you enjoy this pull, Scott Powers.

2014-02-21 16.45.34
They included a player from the World Football League.
2014-02-21 16.46.08
I can’t recall pulling zebra cards before.
2014-02-21 16.46.42
A pretty nice card for 1991
2014-02-21 16.47.16
Do these packs bring back memories?

I had to buy the Gremlin and Robocop packs. I would of purchased some Desert Storm packs if they had them as well. One can never have enough General Schwarzkopf Rookie Cards cards!

2014-02-21 16.48.16
Early 90’s packaging.
2014-02-21 16.48.59
Ahh, the smell of cardboard gum made with real sawdust!

Anyone want some gum?

2014-02-21 16.50.18
A pretty freakish card greeted me as I opened the pack.
2014-02-21 16.51.23
Keep water away from these cards at all cost.
2014-02-21 16.51.59
Is this from the scene where there was some extra footsy being played under the table?
2014-02-21 16.52.45
Robocop insert.
2014-02-21 16.55.00
Does anyone remember the Robocop VHS game? I still have it in storage somewhere.
2014-02-21 16.56.01
Card backs looks like old comic book styling.
2014-02-21 16.56.23
I almost forgot to mention this prize card came from the Pro Set Pack. Is anyone still saving points from 1991? 🙂
2014-02-21 16.56.39
With my luck this card will reveal the grand prize 23 years late.

I will let you know tomorrow if I was the big winner.

I hope you all enjoyed the throwback packs today.  I spent a decent amount of time sorting through old packs to come up with these gems before my meeting last night.  I’ll go through my unopened packs tonight to see what I can come up with for this weekend’s post.  Until then, have a great Friday evening and go crack some wax!