Phew, what a long day.  I apologize for just now getting tonight’s post uploaded.  If you’re on the east coast you will have a post to wake up to.  Today was a 16 hour day for me.  Though I couldn’t get to cracking wax at my normal time, it was still on my mind.

Without taking more time from the cards, here are tonights hits form the insert pack included in the 2013 Bowman Chrome Baseball Blaster Box I picked up recently:

2014-02-25 20.39.13
Jered Weaver, Rock Shoulders, & Josh Johnson

I was happy with the inserts and had a chuckle when I read the name on the Rock Shoulders card.

I plan on combining tonight’s post with tomorrow’s.  After a long day I don’t have much energy left to write with, but I at least wanted to share with you all tonight’s hits.

Have a great night and I will see you all tomorrow for a longer post.