I am continuing on with my Turkey Red cracking. With the limited release and Topps already being sold out, I didn’t think you would mind if I keep sharing my Turkey Red hits.  Here is how my cracking started out today:

2014-03-01 15.45.04
I am hoping Schoop steps up and claims the second base role for the Orioles this year.
2014-03-01 15.45.58
#’d 401/474
2014-03-01 15.48.28
The offense.
2014-03-01 15.49.34
The pitching staff, and a formidable one at that.

I have come to realize it is hard for me to rate a pack any lesser than a YEAH when it is guaranteed to have an autograph card.  It makes it even harder when the autograph hit is from an Oriole, and he’s a prospect that I have followed closely. So there ya have it, this was a YEAH pack for me.

I decided to pick up some supplies on a whim today.  I was going to post a picture of my haul and ask you all if I paid too much.  After looking at the Steel City Collectibles website I got my answer.  From here on out I will be putting together an order for all of my supplies through Steel City.  I paid 30-40% more by making a quick card shop run than if I had order through Steel City.  I didn’t plan for this to sound like an advertisement even though it is coming off that way.  I plan on combining the Wax Cracker coupon code (WAXCRACKER5OFF) with the savings that Steel City is offering in order to make my habit, I mean my collecting more affordable.  Sean, your site is a great place for collectors and I promise I will look no further than Steel City form here on out for all of my collecting needs.  What I purchased today is below:

2014-03-01 15.12.51
It takes a lot to keep the Wax Cracker Project running. All of my supply purchases will be made at steelcitycollectibles.com from now on.

Here’s a link to the supply page at steelcitycollectibles.com: http://www.steelcitycollectibles.com/search?title=ultra+pro&x=0&y=0. Check their prices out to see if you can save some cash, too.

2014-03-01 15.16.06
I did pick this box up for $5, though. 36 packs of retro cards for the price of 2 packs of current cards.
2014-03-01 15.18.11
Ahh, transported back to 1988.

I might crack some of these babies tonight.  I’ll let you know how the hits go.  I’m excited for some retro cracking tonight.  For now, go crack some packs of your own!