Today I will be cracking my 4th box of Turkey Red.  Let me know if you all get tired of me cracking too much of the same product.  So far the first three boxes have been good ones, so I wanted to see if I could continue that trend today.

Let’s get right to the cards and then I have a big announcement for you all.  Here are the hits from today:

2014-03-02 10.47.07
Jake Marisnick – TRA-11, #’d 6/10
2014-03-02 10.47.23
I really like the backs of these cards. I hope to hit on a blank back in one of my boxes.
2014-03-02 10.48.57
With only a 100 cards in the Base Set I knew going in I would get a lot of doubles. I would like to complete the set, so if any of you guys end up with doubles maybe we can swing a deal or trade.
2014-03-02 10.50.32
The young, the current, and the old.

I am super happy with this pack, and like a broken record this is another YEAH pack for me.  I hit for an up and coming prospect auto that was numbered /10, which will always be a good feeling for me.  I love this product because every base card feels of relevance, and I haven’t had the who the heck is this player feeling yet.  The Wax Cracker Project is starting to help me narrow down what products I will be buying from here on out.  I like high hitting products with loaded base sets.  Gone are the days of me enjoying cracking flagship Topps.  I feel like I am aging as a collector by saying it’s hard for me to crack regular Topps.  Please don’t think of me as a collector elitist, but a lot goes into maturing as a collector.  Storage is currently an issue for my collection.  If I can buy a pack that has a few nice hits, instead of a box that hits once and leaves me with a lot of base cards, I am happy.

To go along with today’s cards I have what I think is some big news to share with you all.  I talked with Sean from Steel City Collectibles this weekend.  We are excited to announce that Steel City will be sponsoring the Wax Cracker March Madness Bracket this year.  Steel City is currently planning out what prizes will be offered, but I wanted to share the great news with you all today.  As I get the details figured out with Sean, I will keep you updated.  I will be launching the bracket group by this week and will make sure to let you all know how to sign up.  I’m excited to continue the Wax Cracker/Steel City Partnership.  Thanks, Sean, for continuing to support the Wax Cracker Project and help me promote the joy of wax cracking!

Stay Tuned everyone, and until the big bracket contest, go crack some wax!

Stay tuned for the Wax Cracker March Madness Bracket Challenge sponsored by Steel City Collectibles!