Day 62 of the Wax Cracker Project was a good one.  Not only did this pack include a guaranteed autograph hit, it also had a printing plate in it.  I now have three printing plates in my collection after waiting for years hoping to get one.

Here is how today’s pack hit:

2014-03-03 18.05.05
Justin Verlander Magenta Printing Plate 1/1
2014-03-03 18.22.58
1/1 Verlander Printing Plate
2014-03-03 18.05.30
Another Jonathan Schoop Auto, #’d 403/474.
2014-03-03 18.06.17
The speed & power.
2014-03-03 18.06.52
The shutdown pitchers.

The YEAH packs keep adding up.  I am really happy to have hit for a Verlander printing plate, along with the Schoop auto.  Overall, I am really enjoying the 2014 Tutkey Red, but I have noticed a lot of the cards are coming with damaged corners.  Is it even worth reporting to Topps?  It doesn’t seem like they really care about any the problems us collectors are facing with their services.  I luckily found one employee at Topps recently that seemed to truly care and was of great help to me.  However, outside of that employee our pleas seem to fall of deaf ears.

I am going to head out so I can put some time into setting of the Wax Cracker/Steel City Collectibles Bracket Challenge.  I will share the link with you all soon, along with what the prizes will be.  You can sign up in advance of the brackets being announced.  I am really looking forward to sharing this contest with you all as a thank you for reading and support Steel City Collectibles with your business.

Take care and have a great night of Wax Cracking!